coronavirus superspreader
Infectious Diseases, COVID-19
Superspreaders’ Might Be the Key to Understanding COVID-19 Outbreaks
By understanding what causes a person to become a coronavirus superspreader, we can take steps in order to prevent future outbreaks.
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heart failure warning signs and symptoms
Heart Health, Heart Failure
Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heart Failure
One must always be alert for heart failure warning signs and symptoms such as swelling and shortness of breath. Learn more about what you can do.
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common adverse drug reactions
Allergies, Drug & Latex
Common Drugs That Cause Allergic Reactions
Drugs often cause common adverse drug reactions, but sometimes they also cause allergy. What are the common drugs that cause allergic reactions?
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why is it important for older adults to exercise
Healthy Aging, Active Aging
10 Bone and Muscle-Strengthening Exercises for Older Adults
Why is it important for older adults to exercise? Exercise is good for our bodies at any age, and as we grow older, the more important it is to stay fit.
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screen time for kids by age
Parenting, Toddler
What’s the Appropriate Screentime for Toddlers?
Screen time recommendations for toddlers can help guide parents to ensure that their children do not miss opportunities for learning.
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surprising benefits of massage
Herbals & Alternatives, Alternatives
The Surprising Benefits of Massage
Aside from the usual relaxation and pain relief, there are numerous more surprising benefits of massage. Here what else massage can do for you.
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