unsafe sex practices
Safe Sex / Prevention
Unsafe Sex Practices: 5 Ways You’re Unprotected During Sex
Many people unknowingly engage in unsafe sex. We list down 5 unsafe sex practices and how you can protect yourself from STIs and unwanted pregnancies.
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causes of vaginismus
Pelvic Related Issues
Vaginismus: How Does it Happen?
The causes of vaginismus can be physical and/or psychological. It often stems from surgery or traumatic intercourse. But can you prevent vaginismus?
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what causes bangungot
Sleep Disorders
What Causes Bangungot?
Although mistakenly referred to as a terrifying dream, bangungot is not just a nightmare. It is, in fact, deadly. So what causes bangungot?
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causes of a shingles outbreak
More Infectious Diseases
What Are the Causes of a Shingles Outbreak?
People who have had chickenpox can experience shingles. But what causes a shingles outbreak? And what can you do about it? Read on to find out.
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Menstrual cup myths
Women's Health Issues
Menstrual Cup Myths and Facts: Read Before Using
Menstrual cups are trending with women everywhere. Are they safe? Are they expensive? Let's separate the menstrual cup myths from the facts.
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geriatric pregnancy tips
Geriatric Pregnancy Tips: Getting Pregnant in Your 40s
Is it okay to be pregnant later in life? Definitely! Here are some geriatric pregnancy tips for maintaining a healthy pregnancy in your 40s.
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