what is ginkgo biloba good for
Herbal Medicine
What Is Ginkgo Biloba Good for? Are These Supplements Safe?
What is ginkgo biloba good for, and can it really help people with cognitive decline? Read on to learn more about gingko biloba and its effects on health.
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what is the purpose of the hymen
Sexual Wellness
What is the Purpose of the Hymen?: Myths About the Hymen, Dispelled
What is the purpose of the hymen? Can it really "prove a woman's virginity." In this article, we'll debunk 7 common myths about the hymen.
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how to grow taller overnight
How to Grow Taller Overnight: Here’s What You Can Do
For a lot of people, knowing how to grow taller overnight is the dream. But is there any truth to this, and is it even possible to grow taller?
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how to lose water weight in a day
Healthy Eating
How to Lose Water Weight in a Day
While it's not actual fat weight, water weight can still be uncomfortable, especially due to bloating. Here's how to lose water weight in a day.
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what you can't eat when you're pregnant
Being Pregnant
What You Can’t Eat When You’re Pregnant
Knowing what you can and what you can't eat while you're pregnant can help you avoid any problems and complications during your pregnancy.
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safe sex after giving birth
Postpartum and Self-care
Safe Sex After Giving Birth: A Guide for New Moms
Becoming physically intimate with your partner again after childbirth could be difficult. Here are some important reminders on safe sex after giving birth.
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Stephanie Nicole Nera Pharmacy/Clinical Pharmacy
Ashitaba (Angelica keiskei) is an herb that grown and popularly used in Japan. It is part of the same family as carrots, celery, and parsley. The edible and medically important parts of the plant are the roots ...
Stephanie Nicole Nera Pharmacy/Clinical Pharmacy