Pregnancy Weight Gain

This calculator is for women who want to know what their healthy weight gain range during pregnancy is, based upon what their weight was before they became pregnant.

Medically Reviewed by Kimmy Chua on Sep 01, 2021


Why do you gain weight during pregnancy?

When pregnant, women’s bodies change and add weight to make sure that their babies receive enough food and nutrients throughout the pregnancy. The amount of weight you put on will depend on your pre-pregnancy weight; petite and underweight women will need to gain more weight compared to women who were overweight before getting pregnant. Keeping track of the weight you gain during pregnancy helps ensure a healthy pregnancy and good health for you and baby in the long term.

Changes in the body during pregnancy

Alongside gaining weight, some of the body changes you should expect during pregnancy include:
– Increased blood circulation, which can cause a rosier complexion and lightheadedness
– Expanded uterus, leading to a growing belly
– Breast changes to accommodate lactation
– Constipation and heartburn

Your body is working overtime to ensure baby’s safe and healthy development inside the womb.

How to determine your weigh gain?

To know how much weight you should gain during pregnancy, it’s important to start with your BMI (body mass index). The recommended weight gain is based on your BMI, classified as the following:

– Less than 18.5 Low BMI
– 18.5 to 24.9 Normal BMI
– 25 or higher High BMI