Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

As your baby grows, it is normal and helathy to gradually gain weight during your pregnancy, but how much weight is healthy for you and your baby?

Your Body Indexs

This calculator can be used for women who want to see what their healthy weight gain range during pregnancy is based upon what their weight was before they fell pregnant


When pregnant, a woman should gain weight gradually, with the majority of weight to be gained during the last 3 months of of your pregnancy. Doctors suggest that women who are pregnant should gain weight at the following rate:

  • First trimester – approximately 100g – 2kg
  • Second and third trimester – approximately 1-2kg/ month, as steady weight gain is important for the baby’s growth and development.

It is important to remember that these numbers are just averages, and that your health care provider would be best suited to advise you on what your ideal body weight should be throughout the pregnancy.

The total amount of weight you should gain during your pregnancy, as advised by your doctor, depends on how much you weighed when you became pregnant. Women whose weight was in the healthy range before becoming pregnant should ideally gain between 25 and 35 pounds throughout their pregnancy. On the contrary, women who were overweight when they became pregnant would most likely be told to lose weight or gain a minimal amount, whereas women who were underweight when becoming pregnant would  be told to gain a higher amount of weight as compared to women who were within the healthy weight range.

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