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3 Amazing Things About Nightbirde, the AGT Singer With Only 2% Chance of Survival

3 Amazing Things About Nightbirde, the AGT Singer With Only 2% Chance of Survival

Jane Marczweski, professionally known as Nightbirde, captured the hearts of people across the globe with her original song, “It’s Okay,” a retelling of what she’s going through in life – from the story of the love she lost to how the doctors said she only had a 2% chance of beating cancer.

Here are 3 things to know about Nightbirde and her cancer journey.

1. Jane had cancer in various parts of her body

On the day of her America’s Got Talent audition, Nightbirde exuded a vibrant aura that didn’t seem to match the extent of her cancer journey. One of the judges even mentioned how Jane had such a “beautiful glow” that nobody would know what she’s been going through.

The 30-year-old musician who left people in tears with her song and story had cancer in her lungs, spine, liver, and ribs. The innumerable tumors also affected her lymph nodes.

In her blog, Nightbirde penned that it was terminal. The doctors said she only had 6 months to live and her rate of survival only amounted to 2 percent. Hearing about Nightbirde and her cancer journey has been heartbreaking for many.

2. It all started on New Year’s Eve of 2019

With only 6 months to live and barely a chance to survive, some people assumed that Nightbirde and her cancer journey has been going on for years.

Surprisingly, it only started on New Year’s Eve of 2019, a day before her 29th birthday. Two weeks later, her “One Great Love” told her that their marriage was ending. Nightbirde said each time she blinked, she was in a new time and place.

She was in her best friend’s kitchen having her hair shaved, on the plane to California to see a doctor who could maybe save her, in a wheelchair seeing people she never noticed before, and in the bed with her brother, like they were toddlers again.

3. Nightbirde’s career as a singer and her cancer journey continues to inspire people

Nightbirde may appear thin and frail, but people said cancer has met its match with her.

July of 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nighbirde shared a video on Instagram, saying that she was “cancer-free.” But cancer is unpredictable.

After her AGT audition aired, Nightbirde said she has cancer again and that she isn’t in the clear yet. Thankfully, compared to when she did the audition, she’s doing much better physically now.

She received some treatment that would hopefully take care of everything “leftover.” And while they couldn’t test yet if the treatment has been effective, she said she’s expecting some good news.

Do you know someone like Nightbirde and her cancer journey?

Nightbirde and her cancer journey are unique. She had friends and family who continue to support her, and, after her AGT audition, well-wishers poured in from all around the globe.

If you know someone like Nightbirde who’s currently on their journey to beat cancer, know that there are things you could do to support them:

  • Ask for their permission first before visiting, giving advice, and offering support. Let them know that it’s perfectly okay for them to say no.
  • Include them in your plans. Plan for a movie night, domestic travel, or even a simple catch-up over coffee. The activity doesn’t have to happen soon; perhaps in the near future, after your friend recovered from the treatment. It gives them something to look forward to.
  • Offer help. Many cancer patients feel overwhelmed with their condition, treatment, and chores. Check in with them about how you can be of help. Consider accompanying them in their treatment sessions, preparing meals for them, and even cleaning the house for them.

If you’ve been inspired by Nightbirde and her cancer journey, learn more about Taking Care of Someone with Cancer here.

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