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14 Fit Parents on Instagram Who Redefine ‘Mom Bod’ and ‘Dad Bod’

Medically reviewed by Janie-Vi Villamor Ismael-Gorospe, MD · General Practitioner

Written by Samantha Beltran · Updated Nov 06, 2022

14 Fit Parents on Instagram Who Redefine ‘Mom Bod’ and ‘Dad Bod’

We’ve all have likely heard of what a “dad bod” or a “mom bod” is — the rounded physical appearance that is said to be more “attainable” than washboard abs or killer biceps. Yet while bodies of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, there is also something to be said about parents who choose to keep healthy and push their physical and athletic boundaries to the limits despite being busy with parenthood.

The nice side effect? A toned physique. Have you been thinking about setting your fitness and health goals this 2022? These 14 fit parents on Instagram show you that staying fit and strong is possible even when you have kids. Say goodbye to your mom bod and dad bod! Read on and get inspired!

Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay

Celebrity couple Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay are practically a match made in heaven — and their images and videos of them working out together doing acrobatic stunts that showcase their limb and core strength have had their fans hungry for more.

See them get fit here.

Jackie Go

Readers love mom and lifestyle blogger Jackie Go for her effortless style and beauty. She also regularly shares her workout routines, the food she eats, and other ways she can stay healthy as a fitness enthusiast.

Follow her here.

Danika Nemis and Luke Landrigan

Surfer couple Danika Nemis and Luke Landrigan stun with their toned and athletic physiques! Both have their own followers on their social media as fans keep up with their life on the beach in La Union and raising their daughter, Luna.

Follow them here.

Marilen Montenegro

When Marilen Faustino-Montenegro was in her 20s, she was a model at 115lbs who took diet pills, with no lean muscle. Today in her 40s, Marilen is in the best shape of her life. And she shares her fitness journey with her followers, offering her services as a nutrition and fitness coach.

Learn more from here.

Ken and Louise Tan

Husband and wife coaching duo Ken and Louise Tan of Train With the Tans redefine physical expectations. From a skinny teen, Ken managed to bulk up an additional 70 lbs. Meanwhile, Louise challenges the notion of a post-pregnancy body as she maintains a toned physique while proudly showing off her pregnancy stretch marks.

Follow them here.

Sheilla Gagui

Sheilla Gagui is proving to be an inspiration to many — the long-time triathlete faced a huge challenge when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. That did not stop Sheilla from pushing through with treatment. Today, she is in remission and continues to push her boundaries by joining this year’s Ironman event.

Read more about her here.

Dyan Castillejo

As a former tennis player, Dyan Castillejo is one of television’s most recognizable sports reporters. At 56 years old, it is incredible how Dyan stays in tip-top shape. He achieved this by still practicing several sports and activities such as weight training and swimming.

Be inspired and follow her here.

Mayumi Toribio

A fitness influencer and spinning instructor at Saddle Row, Mayumi now divides her time between Europe and the Philippines. But proves that she is a true beach babe with her stunning swimsuit photos with her adorable son, Nicholas.

Check her out here.

Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles

Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles have taken a step back from the limelight, but there’s no doubt that these two are total couple goals. Both known as two of the sexiest stars of the 2000s, the duo proves that not much has changed since then as they are as passionate as ever about fitness.

Follow them here.

Philmar Alipayo

Many know Philmar Alipayo as actress Andi Eigenmann’s husband, but Philmar is actually a world-renowned athlete! Philmar is a Filipino surfing champ, having won various surfing competitions, and continues to teach surfing in his hometown of Siargao. He defines the dad bod. 

Check him out here.

Hideo Muraoka and Fatima Rabago

Couple Hideo Muraoka and Fatima Rabago, both former models, juggle duties as entrepreneurs and parents to children Danda and Kenzo. But that doesn’t stop them from seeking an active and mindful lifestyle. Hideo is now a yoga teacher. Meanwhile, Fatima now handles a swimwear brand.

Follow them here.

Victor Consunji

Dad bod? No! Victor Consunji’s last name alone rings a bell as one of the largest real estate developers in the country. But Victor is more than just a tycoon; he also has an affinity for adventure and extreme sports, keeping himself busy with training and outdoor activities in his free time.

Check him out here.

Sam Ajdani

Former Century Superbods winner Sam Ajdani continues to serve as fitness inspiration through his social media. The two-time Men’s Health cover star is now father to a little boy.

Follow him here.

Culver Padilla

Culver Padilla has earned online followers because of his training videos and motivational quotes that inspire people to seek a fitter lifestyle. As a family man, Culver also trains regularly with his wife, Debbie.

Check him out here.

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Medically reviewed by

Janie-Vi Villamor Ismael-Gorospe, MD

General Practitioner

Written by Samantha Beltran · Updated Nov 06, 2022

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