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15 Trainers Offering Online Fitness Coaching

Medically reviewed by Mae Charisse Antalan, MD · General Practitioner

Written by Samantha Beltran · Updated Aug 30, 2022

    15 Trainers Offering Online Fitness Coaching

    How have your fitness goals been since COVID? The pandemic has given rise to several online fitness classes and coaching services, as gyms and fitness studios remained closed for most of the quarantine period. While many have since reopened, fitness-conscious people and health buffs have also adjusted to the new normal way of working out — signing up for online fitness coaching and home-based personal training so they can exercise in any corner of their home.

    Why you should get an online fitness coaching?

    While you can work out on your own, hiring an online or virtual coach can motivate you to push your limits, help you stay on track with your fitness goals, and better guide you in losing weight or getting stronger, safely.

    Signing up for an online fitness coaching program, whether one-on-one or in a group, can help you reach your health goals no matter where you are. Some virtual programs are tailored to your schedule, meaning your coach adjusts to your time or his workout sessions are recorded in advance so you can exercise at your convenience. This can work further to your benefit if you work from home or supervise your child’s homeschooling.

    While every coach will have their own style and process, you can certainly choose the fitness program and coaching technique that works best for you. There are several coaches and trainers offering different kinds of classes, workout, and fitness programs that may suit your preferences. 

    Hit your fitness targets this year, and check out these 15 coaches offering online training programs in the Philippines.

    Online Fitness Coaches and Personal Trainers in the Philippines

    Cam Lagmay

    You may recognize Cam Lagmay as a former UP Pep Squad captain. These days, Cam is a certified holistic health and wellness coach, blending her dance background and strength training with mindfulness techniques. She offers both one-on-one and group fitness coaching sessions.

    Learn more here.

    Mark Caron

    Mark Caron is an athletic performance coach and is known for training the Creamline Coolsmashers team. With a master’s degree in human movement science, he knows all about kinetics, strength, and conditioning.

    Check him out here

    Chino Roque

    You may recognize Chino from the Axe Apollo Space Camp, but even before then, Chino was already a CrossFit coach. Holding CF-L2 and CF-Aerobic Capacity certifications, clients trust Chino for his effective workouts and dedicated programs.

    Learn more about booking Chino here.

    Sandro Roman

    Looking for online fitness coaching? Try, Sandro Roman, who is well-loved by his clients because of his ability to help clients achieve transformational results. Sandro has won multiple awards — including being named Mr. Fitspiration and Mr. Gold’s Gym. He was also a Century Tuna Superbods finalist. The coach believes in the all-natural way of getting fit, meaning clients will not be required to drink pills, powders, or supplements.

    Learn more about booking Sandro’s program here.

    Ida Paras

    Want a program that mixes both cardio and strength training? Sign up with Ida Paras, the co-founder of The Movement Studio, which offers a full-body functional training workout that pushes you to achieve your peak physical state. TMS offers its home session, the Sweat Home XSTREAM workout.

    Learn more about booking Ida and The Movement Studio here.

    Ken and Louise Tan

    Husband and wife duo Ken Tan and Louise Calderon-Tan, owners and head coaches at LiftHard, offer fitness tips and advice that are easy to follow and make working out seem more approachable for beginners on their page, Train With the Tans. Their Tailored Fit program allows unlimited online support, access to the TrueCoach app, as well as nutritional guidelines.

    Learn more about booking their program here.

    Julia Sucgang-Bonoan

    Julia was a former double-varsity player at Ateneo de Manila University, where she played for the women’s football and track and field team. Today, she uses her sports background to help people get fit and create a healthier relationship with food and fitness.

    Learn more about booking Julia here.

    Irish and Jay Futalan

    Irish, a former Philippine trampoline gymnast, now trains people looking to get fit in their homes with her husband Jay, a strength and conditioning coach. Together, they run a page called With the Futs, where they provide a series of high-intensity routines, as well as strength and stretch classes and tips. You can sign up for a customized program, where they provide you with workouts, nutrition guidelines, and 24/7 access to their coaching services.

    Sign up with the Futs here.

    Cara Jose

    If you’re looking for different workouts to try or just want to switch things up in your usual fitness routine, check out Cara Jose. Cara co-founded Other Movement, an online fitness platform that offers music-driven yoga, HIIT, cardio, strength, meditation, and other workouts from their library, as well as Zoom classes.

    Learn more about their online fitness coaching and sign up with Other Movement here.

    Eduardo Lara

    An HIIT and Obstacle Course coach, Eduardo Lara is also the founder of Team Impack, a fitness community. He and Team Impack now offer their training classes on Rebel Coach.

    Sign up with Eduardo Lara and Team Impack here.

    Albert Lorenzo

    A coach to different local celebrities, Albert Lorenzo brings his Century Superbods background and over a decade of fitness experience in his home workout routines. He provides clients with a health assessment, a meal plan, and a weekly program.

    Book Albert’s program here.

    Alfredo Fucio

    Aside from being a fitness coach at Kinetix Lab, Alfredo shares his insights on strength training and nutrition online on his social media page, and also offers online coaching classes. 

    Get in touch with Alfredo here.

    Culver Padilla

    Known for working with celebrities such as Iza Calzado and Jane de Leon, Culver is well known on social media as he advocates for sustainable fitness. His followers love the motivational aspect to his coaching. He also teachers and conducts regular workout routines with his wife, Debbie. 

    Visit Culver’s page here.

    Rachel Bonifacio

    Yoga is one of the most versatile fitness disciplines anyone can practice, thanks to its low-maintenance nature. At home, you can book online sessions on Zoom with Treehouse Yoga Philippines, founded by Rachel Bonifacio, who initially took up yoga to relieve her flatback syndrome and lumbar spine compression. Their range of classes suit all skill levels.

    Book a session with Treehouse Yoga here.

    Mike Lagdameo

    Clients can expect a holistic program from Mike, who is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. His home-based workout program covers video demonstrations, a nutrition guide, and coaching. 

    Check out Mike here.

    Ivana Pastrano

    A Sports Science graduate, Ivana specializes in strength training and performance, and is dedicated to helping fitness beginners — especially women — reach their fitness goals and become stronger.

    Check out Ivana here.


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    Medically reviewed by

    Mae Charisse Antalan, MD

    General Practitioner

    Written by Samantha Beltran · Updated Aug 30, 2022

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