What Is HIIT: All You Need To Know About It To Get You Started Today

    What Is HIIT: All You Need To Know About It To Get You Started Today

    The height of this global pandemic has pushed many people to try different things especially when it comes to maintaining their fitness and improving their health. Have you heard fitness enthusiasts speak about HIIT and LIT? But what is HIIT anyway?

    What is HIIT?

    High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, refers to a type of cardio exercise that is performed in brief but powerful bursts. This involves alternating short speed and recovery intervals to raise the total intensity of your workout.

    On a scale of 1-10, you pick up the exertion of 7 or above. This means that the higher the intensity, the shorter the speed interval.

    Athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike use HIIT to achieve performance goals and improve fitness and well-being.

    What is HIIT and its Benefits?

    There are many ways this exercise can benefit people.

    An effective and efficient form of exercise

    One good thing about HIIT workouts is that they are significantly time-efficient, making it easier for you to complete the required number of exercise hours.

    The usual HIIT workout lasts roughly 30 minutes, although some workouts can be completed in as short as four minutes. According to studies, you can make more improvement in 15 minutes of interval training than you can in an hour of treadmill jogging. This is a great consideration for people who have a day job or things that keep them busy on a daily.

    Moreover, HIIT workouts do not require much equipment for you to do the exercises. You can do the full routine even if you just have a small space at home or elsewhere.

    Helps in burning fat and calories

    HIIT challenges your body to burn fat for energy rather than carbs. This improves the efficiency of fat loss.

    It can help you burn fat effectively all while making you fitter, stronger, and more athletic. This keeps your body at a high-functioning state long after you have finished the workout for the day.

    Increases the metabolism

    These kinds of workouts boost the production of your human growth hormone, which aids fat burning and muscle maintenance (HGH). It increases by 450% in the 24 hours following your workout. Thus, enhancing your metabolism in the immediate term and improving your overall metabolic rate after a series of HIIT sessions.

    How You Can Develop Your Own HIIT Exercise Program

    Developing your own workout plan demands factoring altogether the intensity, frequency, and duration of work and rest periods.

    During the high-intensity work interval, your heart rate should be around 80% of your calculated maximum heart rate. Meanwhile, the recovery interval should be 40-50% of your estimated maximal heart rate in intensity. It is aligned with a relaxing physical activity that would aid the recovery and preparation for your next sweat session.

    In addition to that, there are also few things you need to remember to execute HIIT the right way. These are as follows:

    • Always start the session with a warm-up and end with a cooldown.
    • Be mindful of your form.
    • Do not forget to hydrate and fuel yourself with water and food.
    • Allow yourself to have a recovery day and plan out your next sessions ahead.

    Key Takeaways

    What is HIIT? HIIT is a wonderful form of exercise to incorporate into your workout routine if you want to develop strength and muscle endurance or even to just lose weight.

    But, do keep in mind that the most effective workout programs are those that people can and will sustain over time. Consult your doctor or trainer for the most appropriate exercise routine for you. \

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