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is folic acid important for pregnancy
Prenatal Care
Is Folic Acid Important for Pregnancy?
You have probably heard your doctor talk about folate or folic acid a couple of times. But is folic acid really important for pregnancy?
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uti in pregnancy prevention
Pregnancy Problems
UTI in Pregnancy: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention
When left untreated UTI during pregnancy can cause serious complications. What are the best prevention tips for UTI in pregnancy?
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vaginal discharge during the third trimester
Third Trimester
Vaginal Discharge During the Third Trimester: Is it Normal?
It is normal for pregnant women to have more vaginal discharge during the third trimester. Read on to learn more about the types of discharge before labor.
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hemorrhoids during pregnancy
Third Trimester
Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy: Prevention and Management
Hemorrhoids during pregnancy is quite common since the growing fetus in the womb put a lot of pressure on the rectal area causing to swell and stick out.
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2nd trimester pregnancy pains
Second Trimester
What Are The Common 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Pains?
Pregnancy often comes with various pains and aches. What are the common 2nd trimester pregnancy pains you should know about?
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staying healthy in the third trimester
Third Trimester
6 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Third Trimester
Staying healthy in the third trimester is crucial. Here, we list down our top tips for pregnant mothers in the last few months of pregnancy.
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