Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: Is it Effective for Losing Weight?

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Written by Mayvilyn Cabigao · Updated Jan 19, 2022

    Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: Is it Effective for Losing Weight?

    Apple cider vinegar is a healthier variety of the usual household vinegar. Aside from being a great ingredient for cooking, it has a lot more benefits to offer. The apple cider vinegar diet is popular for people who are trying to shed a few pounds.

    It’s worth noting, however, that experts believe there isn’t enough evidence to prove that apple cider vinegar can actually help a person lose weight. Despite this, many who have tried this diet claim that it has helped them by significant amounts in their weight loss journey.

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    What is apple cider vinegar?

    Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is made by fermenting apple juice using yeast. The yeast then turns the sugar into alcohol, and bacteria in the yeast turns the alcohol into acetic acid (fermentation). The acetic acid gives the ACV its strong taste and pungent smell.

    There are two kinds of apple cider vinegar, the organic-unfiltered ACV and the filtered ACV. Organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar contains a substance known as “the mother”, which consists of strands of protein, enzymes, and good bacteria that give the ACV a dark-cloudy appearance.

    On the other hand, filtered ACV undergoes a filtering process that completely removes all traces of “the mother”. Without “the mother”, the ACV will appear clearer and will have a pale-orange or amber-like color.

    Apple cider vinegar for weight loss

    Apple cider vinegar has a lot of uses. Normally it is found in the kitchen for basic purposes like cooking, baking, and making salad dressings or dipping sauces. ACV can also be a handy cleaning agent, skin and hair care product, as well as an effective weight loss drink.

    An apple cider vinegar diet is said to be a beneficial diet for people who are trying to lose weight. For beginners, an ACV diet does not mean that ACV is the only thing you’ll consume in a day.

    Instead, you need to mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of ACV in a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach. Usually, people who are familiar with the diet drink this concoction first thing in the morning.

    In the past years, there have not been enough studies or research that can support the claims that ACV can be helpful for weight loss.

    Recently, however, a randomized clinical trial published in the Journal of Functional Foods has found that ACV has potential in promoting weight loss. In the study, the participants who drank 15ml of ACV (with a restricted-calorie diet) daily for 12 weeks lost an average of 8.8 lbs.

    In contrast, the participants who did not take ACV only lost 5 lbs in 12 weeks. Thus, an apple cider vinegar diet combined with a restricted-calorie diet is likely an effective approach in weight loss.

    Benefits of ACV for weight loss and others

    The apple cider vinegar diet is great for weight loss because:

    • A tablespoon of ACV is only 3 calories and two tablespoons of it are only 6 calories. You can dilute it in a glass of water for a low-calorie drink or mix it with your salad.
    • The acetic acid found in ACV is said to be an effective substance that can help with weight loss. Acetic acid is known to be the main component that gives ACV its benefits. For weight loss, acetic acid helps reduce belly fat as well as suppress the build-up of fat in the body.
    • ACV acts as an appetite suppressant. The acetic acid present in ACV prevents you from overeating as it makes you feel full for a long time.

    Other benefits of the apple cider vinegar diet are the following:

    • Researchers have found that ACV can decrease high cholesterol levels.
    • It might be an effective way to fight obesity.
    • ACV can help improve blood sugar and insulin levels in people with type-2 diabetes.
    • It can help improve a person’s metabolism and reduce water retention.

    apple cider vinegar diet

    ACV diet precautions

    Although ACV is a great product with a lot of benefits, it is still important to know that incorrect usage of ACV can negatively impact health.

    Here are the things you need to keep in mind when trying out the apple cider vinegar diet:

    • Always dilute your ACV in water or mix it with other foods. Since ACV is extremely acidic, ingesting it purely over a prolonged period of time can cause corrosion in the enamel of your teeth. In addition, it can also irritate your throat, and it can worsen your heartburn if you have recurrent acid reflux.
    • ACV interacts with certain medications that can result in low potassium or sugar levels. If you are currently taking insulin/ insulin-stimulating medications, heart medications, or diuretics, then the apple cider vinegar diet might not be suitable for you.
    • Although some studies support the claims that ACV can really help in weight loss, additional evidence and further research are still needed to confirm that drinking ACV can help you lose weight.

    Key takeaways

    A lot of people have tried the apple cider vinegar diet. You can find tons of testimonies online that say that the ACV diet is a miracle diet for people who are trying to lose weight. However, the scientific facts or evidence that can support their statements is still lacking.

    On the other hand, if losing weight is your goal, then trying out the apple cider vinegar diet won’t hurt. But always remember that losing weight does not fully depend on taking ACV or various supplements; rather, you would need a proper and healthy diet, regular exercise, commitment, and patience to achieve that goal.

    If you have health conditions, it would be best to consult your doctor before trying out this diet.

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