The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

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A popular online trend for many health enthusiasts is consuming and using apple cider vinegar, also known as ACV. ACV has been used as medicine and in cooking for many centuries. People boast about apple cider vinegar benefits, but do you know exactly what it can do for you? Here’s what you should know. 

The Health Benefits of ACV

Reduces inflammation

One of the first benefits that you can get from apple cider vinegar is that it is chock full of healthful substances. It contains acetic acid, which is what gives this vinegar its strong flavor and smell. Acetic acid reduces inflammation and has an alkaline effect to help your body run smoothly. 

Effective antioxidant

ACV contains antioxidants that can help prevent oxidative damage. Antioxidants can also help reduce your chances of developing some cancers and heart diseases.

Reduces blood sugar levels

Apple cider vinegar can also help prevent the risk of getting diabetes. If a person has a hard time regulating their blood sugar levels, ACV can reduce blood sugar levels while a person is fasting. 

Some people say apple cider vinegar cures diabetes. However, it is important to note that ACV is not a cure for diabetes and will not replace medication and a healthy diet to manage and prevent diabetes.

Lowers blood pressure

Another one of the well-know apple cider vinegar benefits is that it can reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. ACV can help relax blood vessels so your blood pressure will not rise.

Improves digestion

Many people enjoy using ACV to help them with their digestion issues. It can help break down protein-dense meals, reduce bloating, and improve overall digestion. Your digestive system has a harder time breaking down food when there is not enough acid, so adding some ACV to your diet can help speed up the process.

Effective antimicrobial treatment

In the past, apple cider vinegar was used to treat fungus and disinfect wounds because it has antimicrobial properties. Since it inhibits bacteria, it is often used to preserve food and keep the food from spoiling.

Weight loss

Many studies state that ACV can help aid in weight loss. It is said to help curb appetite. That is why many people enjoy having an apple cider weight loss drink to supplement their regular diet. 

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The Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar health benefits are many, but did you know that it can work wonders for your appearance, too? Many people love getting skincare products that contain ACV. You may use ACV alone, but make sure that you are using it properly because undiluted apple cider vinegar because it may be too strong

Better skin

Firstly, it can help reduce and treat acne, which is why many people enjoy using toners with ACV in it. Additionally, when used properly, it can help soothe and treat sunburns. It also contains anti-aging properties to help a person keep a youthful appearance. 

People also like to add apple cider vinegar to their baths to help soften their skin. ACV (given that it is well diluted in a bath) can help nourish skin because it contains vitamins, such as vitamin C.

apple cider vinegar benefits

Stronger hair

If you want a natural way to take care of your hair, ACV is going to be your new best friend. It can help stimulate hair growth and fight hair tangles. Plus, it can help your hair retain moisture, reduce hair frizz, and treat dandruff.

Improved oral care

The beauty benefits do not stop there, you can add ACV to your dental hygiene routine, too. For one, it is an excellent way to treat bad breath. Additionally, it can help whiten your teeth and get rid of stains because it is acidic. Although, you must dilute it properly and use sparingly to avoid damaging your enamel. 

What is the Proper Apple Cider Vinegar Dosage?

It is very important to remember that you should not drink ACV straight. It contains a lot of acid, which can cause damage to your esophagus and stomach. Therefore, diluting it in water, whether you consume it or use it for beauty purposes, is recommended. 

For the dosage, you need to make sure that you are using the right amount. It is easy to use or consume more than the recommended daily amount of apple cider vinegar. Typically, the normal dosage is around 1-2 tablespoons or 15-30 milliliters. 

But how to drink ACV? As a drink, you can dilute it in water or juice. You can also mix it with other ingredients to make dressing on a salad.

ACV may be an acquired taste for some. But remember, it offers you numerous health benefits. 

What Are the Side Effects of Using ACV?

Apple cider vinegar is potent and very high in acid, so you need to be careful with how much you consume. For instance, too much ACV can actually slow down the digestive tract and worsen gastroparesis symptoms. Gastroparesis symptoms include nausea, bloating, and heartburn, among others. 

Additionally, if you are not careful, apple cider vinegar can burn the skin if you use it undiluted. There are many reports of people getting painful burns because they had applied ACV directly to the skin.

Key Takeaways

Overall, apple cider vinegar benefits are numerous. From improving your skin to helping your digestion to aid in weight loss, ACV is a must-have staple for every household. Use responsibly and consult your doctor if you have any concerns. 

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