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Add These 10 Foods to Your Breakfast Plate to Manage Your Weight

Medically reviewed by Jezreel Esguerra, MD · General Practitioner

Written by Hello Doctor Medical Panel · Updated Feb 14, 2023

Add These 10 Foods to Your Breakfast Plate to Manage Your Weight

The meals we choose to start our day off with matters. This is especially true if you are in need of weight management, whether it be weight loss or weight gain. In this article, we’ll learn some of the best breakfast foods for weight loss.

While some fast in the morning, research suggests that people who eat breakfast consistently can better achieve weight loss. What’s more, a hearty, healthy, and balanced breakfast — with protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats — can keep you feeling fuller and more energized throughout the day.

Weight Loss Breakfast Foods: What Should Be on Your Plate?

1. Bananas 

Grabbing a banana for breakfast is one good way to skip sugary options, such as cereals. They’re also a good low-calorie, high-fiber option to promote digestion. Bananas can also keep you feeling fuller, reducing cravings and promoting weight management. Green unripe bananas specifically, have resistant starch which, when processed by the body, has been found to lower calorie consumption. Add a green banana to breakfast smoothies, yogurts or oatmeal.

2. Eggs

It’s no secret that eggs pack an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals. They are also rich in protein, which may suppress appetite, leaving you fuller for longer. Eggs also contain calcium and antioxidants, on top of being low in calories. You may prepare two or three eggs with some leafy, green vegetables on the side.

For most people, eating one egg per day doesn’t pose any health risks. Although the possible hesitation is understandable, especially for those who are prone to high levels of bad cholesterol.

3. Yogurt

On the list of breakfast foods for weight loss is a popular favorite: yogurt. Beloved for its smooth texture and distinct flavor, yogurt (such as Greek yogurt) is a welcome addition to any meal. It’s one of those weight loss foods that still feel indulgent. Not only does it have a lot of protein, but it is also rich in calcium, B vitamins, magnesium, and potassium. It’s important to note, however, that there are still not enough studies to back the claim that it directly helps with weight loss. But opting for yogurt can definitely help prevent extreme weight and obesity.

What’s more, it can reduce caloric intake while leaving you feeling full. This helps fight hunger pangs and cravings. Aside from being a good breakfast option, plain yogurt is a healthy snack choice you can have throughout the day.

4. Berries

Low in calories but packed with nutrients, berries are a good option when looking for breakfast foods for weight loss. Berries, such as blueberries and strawberries, are high in fiber. They also make for good alternatives to sugary snacks. They’re flavorful and flexible. Add them into your oatmeal, yogurt, or smoothie to kick off your day right. Studies have found that choosing berries consistently can reduce daily caloric intake by about 130 calories daily.

5. Grapefruit

What makes grapefruit a good choice for weight loss? This fruit contains fiber and few calories, promoting weight loss. Studies have found that consuming grapefruit juice or segments, along with a low-calorie diet resulted in 7% weight loss.

However, it’s important to consult your doctor if you are on any medication prior to regular consumption of this fruit to avoid potential interactions.

6. Oats

Another nutritious breakfast option, which is easily a crowd favorite, is oatmeal. It’s high in fiber, protein, and can help boost the immune system and cardiovascular function because of its Beta-glucan content. This component has also been found to help regulate blood sugar levels and lessen appetite.

Practically all types of berries go well with oatmeal. One option is to combine a cup of oatmeal with half a cup of blueberries. For more texture, add a tablespoon of nuts.

7. Kiwis

This tiny fruit packs a lot of nutrients, such as vitamins C and K as well as potassium. What’s more, 177 grams of kiwi can provide 21% of one’s daily needs. It also contains pectin, which can reduce appetite, increase the feeling of fullness, thereby promoting weight loss.

Aside from this, kiwis can help promote digestion, acting as a natural laxative and easing constipation. Just top your smoothie or yogurt with sliced kiwis and you’re good to go!

8. Chia Seeds 

Chia seeds may be tiny but they offer big benefits in terms of weight loss. This is because chia seeds, after they absorb water, expand in the stomach to form a sort of gel that can help delay hunger. It has also been found to lower ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger. These, on top of being high in fiber and protein, make chia seeds one of the best morning ingredients or breakfast foods for weight loss.

Just 35 grams of chia seed powder daily can contribute to weight loss and waist circumference reduction. Just sprinkle chia seeds (about 1/2 cup) onto your favorite smoothie or oatmeal bowl and see results.

9. Flax seeds

When choosing the best breakfast foods for weight loss, it’s important to know what can nourish and sustain you all morning. Flax seeds can help do the trick. How? They’re high in soluble fiber, which leaves the stomach feeling fuller for longer. Flax seeds don’t just go well with cereals and bread, they also complement smoothies and other drinks. Adding flaxseed fiber can deliver great results in terms of appetite control and eventually, weight loss.

10. Nuts

Aside from seeds, nuts belong to the list because of their protein, fiber, and healthy fats. In fact, some studies have found that those who eat almonds regularly lost 62% more weight than those who regularly consumed complex carbohydrates.

It’s important to note, however, that nuts are packed with calories so they should be eaten in moderate amounts. One good way to incorporate them into your diet is to add them to your morning cereal or eat them with cheese and eggs.

Key Takeaways

To sustain your weight loss in a healthy way, choose a healthy and balanced diet. The suggestions on this list of breakfast foods for weight loss all pretty much have these in common: high fiber and protein as well as low calories and an ability to suppress appetite or leave one feeling fuller for longer.
On the journey to your goal weight, it’s not only breakfast that matters, but it also includes your meal choices throughout the day. Aside from nutritious food choices, having a health-oriented mindset helps.
If you have preexisting conditions or if you’re at risk for certain conditions, it’s best to consult your doctor or nutritionist to come up with meal plans that not only promote weight management but overall health.


Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Medically reviewed by

Jezreel Esguerra, MD

General Practitioner

Written by Hello Doctor Medical Panel · Updated Feb 14, 2023

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