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Serenade Your Baby in the Womb: Music During Pregnancy

Medically reviewed by Rubilyn Saldana-Santiago, MD · Pediatrics

Written by Nikita Bhalla · Updated Jul 26, 2022

    Serenade Your Baby in the Womb: Music During Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, everything you do as a mother-to-be has an impact on the baby. Even the music which you play in your pregnancy may have positive effects on your baby. However, there are certain considerations before you expose your baby to music. Following this, let’s take a look at how music during pregnancy benefits the fetus.

    Music during pregnancy: Listening from the womb

    Your baby is able to listen to your voice way before you two actually see each other. Babies developing in the womb usually start hearing sounds in the second trimester. They actually begin to react or respond to different noises during the final trimester.

    When you read to your baby out loud, your voice has a soothing effect on your baby inside you. This has a similar effect after your child is born. Your voice may help reduce their heart rate, which calms them down.

    A mother’s voice doesn’t just play an important role in the development of her baby’s auditory system, but it also brings amazing benefits to their social and emotional development

    Music during pregnancy: Early memories

    It is not officially confirmed that music has effects on the development of an unborn child. However, studies suggest that fetuses can actually hear and react to music through movements. However, specialists have yet to determine what exactly those movements mean. This is because the job of observing a fetus is more difficult than that of a baby who is already born.

    European research in 2013 showed that newborns could remember a specific version of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ which was played to them in the womb. The same newborns responded differently to a different version which wasn’t played to them in the womb. Such memories which were created while they were in the womb, lasted until they were 4 months old.

    Music during pregnancy: Benefits of listening to music during pregnancy

    Researchers have no evidence to prove that listening to music during pregnancy can make the child smarter.

    However, listening to music may help in reducing the mother’s anxiety levels. This is helpful because stress can have a negative impact on the baby’s development in utero.

    Music contributes to a happier and healthier baby. You can play whatever soft music you like, from jazz to a lullaby – just ensure to keep it at a low volume that is safe for your child. 

    Music also stimulates prenatal bonding. Try listening to slow and relaxing beats which help transmit calming chemicals throughout the body and in the placenta. This enhances the bond between the baby and the expectant mother. 

    Music during pregnancy: Play music at a safe volume  

    Many studies have revealed that fetuses with long-term exposure to loud sounds are more prone to preterm birth, lower birth weight, and higher chances of having a hearing loss for higher frequency noises.

    Thus, do not turn the volume any higher than 65 decibels (dB). Noises above 65 dB may hurt the unborn baby or frighten him. If you are a big fan of music with prolonged periods of listening, keep the volume around 50 dB or lower.

    You may love rock or used to listening to your evergreen metal tracks. Refrain from playing too much of these or any heavy music as it might not be the right time for the baby to get exposed to such loud and noisy beats.Until then keep it lullabies, melodious, soft and soothing tunes. 

    Always remember, above and beyond any tune, voice or music, a baby would love the mother’s voice the most. So start those fun conversations, read your baby some good books, or recite some soothing prayers. Let the baby come into this world with the best of physical and mental health. 

    Key takeaway

    While letting your unborn child listen to music may not make them smarter, speaking out loud to your child may help reduce their stress levels. Listening to music may also reduce the mother’s anxiety levels.

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    Medically reviewed by

    Rubilyn Saldana-Santiago, MD


    Written by Nikita Bhalla · Updated Jul 26, 2022

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