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Understanding How To Take Collagen for Better Skin Health

    Understanding How To Take Collagen for Better Skin Health

    Many people are raving about the wonderful benefits of collagen. Name it — food, skin cream, powders, pills, and supplements — all these products have varieties enhanced with this protein. This article introduces how to take collagen to reverse the signs of aging and to achieve that youthful glow.

    Understanding the Science Behind Collagen

    Collagen is known for its abundance in the body, making up nearly a third of the body’s overall protein. Because of its fiber-like structure, it caters to building the connective tissues. This type of tissue is the one responsible for binding and supporting other tissues inside the body. It is a major component of bones, muscles, tendons, cartilages, as well as the biggest organ of the body, which is the skin.

    Collagen is made by the body from amino acids that you consume through diet. But after the age of 20, this capacity begins to deteriorate.

    Some people who are afraid to show aging in their skin may consider taking collagen to reverse the signs. The thing is, they may not know where to start the journey as they do not know how to take collagen.

    How To Take Collagen for Better Skin Health

    Understanding how the skin works and maintains itself is important when it comes to skin and collagen. Collagen is the most prominent protein in the extracellular matrix. This refers to the skin’s component that takes charge in providing much of the skin’s overall structure. Moreover, it is also primarily responsible for the smooth and youthful skin glow a person has when one is younger.

    As with every other protein in the body, collagen undergoes the cycle of constant change and replenishment. It has been noted that collagen supplementation has shown an increase in collagen production in the body, thus it makes sense that it would improve skin quality and appearance.

    Researchers conducted some randomized trials in order to prove this case. The results showed an improvement in terms of skin hydration, suppleness, and wrinkle reduction. In addition to these trials, systematic reviews supported this claim of utilizing collagen for a variety of skin-related concerns. Another study reveals that supplementation helped in the enhancement of skin elasticity and moisture. Wound healing improvement also took place in the same study.

    Can You Add It to Your Diet?

    Collagen can be added to your diet by eating foods that are high in it. You can consume foods rich in protein, such as beef, poultry, fish, and eggs. Bone broth and gelatin are also great sources.

    Other foods that aid in collagen production are:

    • Legumes
    • Soy
    • Whole grains
    • Seeds and nuts
    • Citrus fruits
    • Berries
    • Leafy vegetables
    • Bell peppers
    • Tomatoes
    • Other dairy products

    There are also supplements that come in either capsule or powder form, which are available for people to take alongside their vitamin supplements for the day. You may also try mixing the collagen powder in your tea, soups, smoothies, and even baked goods.

    Can You Use Topical Treatments?

    Retinol and tretinoin are treatments, usually in the form of topical creams, that have been clinically proven to increase collagen production. Antioxidants, such as vitamin C, can also help to repair the inflammation that damages your skin’s collagen.

    When you are looking out for your next skincare product, you may consider getting one with collagen in it.

    Key Takeaways

    Whether it be through food, supplements, or skincare products, collagen can aid in the improvement of your skin health, so be sure you’re receiving the appropriate amount of it to enjoy its wonderful benefits.

    Learn more about skin care and cleansing here.

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