Free Contraceptives in the Philippines: Here’s Where to Get Them

    Free Contraceptives in the Philippines: Here’s Where to Get Them

    Contraceptives, such as condoms, pills, IUDs, and implants, can be expensive. This is why in a country such as the Philippines, not everyone is able to afford contraception. Even some families who wish to practice family planning are unable to do so since they can’t afford contraceptives. But did you know that there are certain places where you can get free contraceptives in the Philippines?

    Why are contraceptives important?

    Here in the Philippines, contraceptive use has increased during the pandemic. This is a good thing since it means that people are aware of contraceptives and their benefits1. But what are the benefits of contraceptives?

    Prevent pregnancy

    The main focus of contraceptive use is to prevent pregnancies. While there is nothing inherently wrong with getting pregnant, having an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult to deal with. This is especially true for people who are not yet ready to have children.

    Contraceptives are a way for people, especially women, to take control of their lives. It also allows couples to have kids whenever they are ready, and also lets them control how many kids they want to have.

    In fact, Filipino women actually want to have smaller families2. Contraceptives can help make this a possibility, which also means that women can take more control over their lives and not be burdened with taking care of so many children. This makes free contraceptives in the Philippines a very necessary initiative.

    Prevent unsafe abortions

    Another important reason for contraceptive use is that it decreases the number of unsafe abortions3. Some women who get pregnant by accident might not want to push through with their pregnancy might get an abortion. Since abortions are illegal in the Philippines, they might go to abortionists who use a variety of dangerous methods. If contraceptive use increases, then it can help lower the number of unwanted pregnancies and subsequently, abortions.

    Healthier babies

    Contraceptives also contribute to healthier babies4. Pregnancies that aren’t spaced out, or that happen to early (as with teenagers) can significantly increase child mortality. Through contraceptives, women can get pregnant whenever they are ready, and when they are at their healthiest.

    Contraceptives are not only for avoiding pregnancies

    Contraceptives can be used for more than just preventing unwanted pregnancies. For one, contraceptive use can lower pregnancy-related illness, especially in teens who get pregnant5.

    Women who have PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome also benefit from contraceptive use. In their case, contraceptives can help manage their condition.

    Contraceptives are also sometimes prescribed for women who have severe acne. The hormones found in contraceptive pills can help balance the levels of hormones in the body, and help decrease acne.

    These are just some reasons why contraceptives, and free contraceptives in the Philippines at that, are very important.

    Where can you get free contraceptives in the Philippines?

    Now that we’ve established the importance of birth control, where can you get free contraceptives in the Philippines?

    One way to get free contraceptives would be to get in touch with Likhaan Center for Women’s Health6. They offer a number of services for women, which include free contraceptives.

    You can also avail free contraceptives at barangay health centers. These are usually in the form of condoms and birth control pills. There are also health workers who will be ready to assist you and guide you with how to use these contraceptives effectively.

    Key Takeaways

    Contraceptives are an important part of reproductive health. They allow couples and women especially to be able to have kids when they are fully ready. Aside from this, contraceptives also benefit women with conditions such as PCOS or acne.

    As far as getting free contraceptives in the Philippines goes, the best way to be to get in touch with your local health center. They should be able to provide free contraceptives as well as advice on how to use them.

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