Solenn Heussaff Opens Up About Postpartum Changes, Encourages Moms To Do Self-Care

    Solenn Heussaff Opens Up About Postpartum Changes, Encourages Moms To Do Self-Care

    Actress and endorser Solenn Heussaff recently came out as the face of af new treatment being offered at the Belo clinic. During the interview, she spoke about how her body is changing over time as she goes through different life stages. She also shared how motherhood made her discover more about her identity as a woman.

    Solenn Heussaff Gets Real About Past and Her Motherhood Journey

    Solenn admitted that her nature of work as a model made her chase after the ideal body.

    “Before I was a mom, I was always in this journey of trying to be a thinner version of myself. Not fitter or anything.”

    She also recalled how the pressure of being in the public eye got her in her early years in showbiz.

    “I was very conscious about the way I looked because everyone used to see me on the net or in my photos. I just felt this constant pressure of having to be a different person and having to change my body into something that wasn’t me.”

    Solenn shared that the feeling even heightened when she became a mother to her two-year-old daughter Thylane and she underwent body changes. Moreover, receiving nasty comments from people on social media did not do her any good.

    But Solenn also highlighted that it was also the first time she completely let herself go since she had to focus on delivering a healthy baby.

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    Solenn Shares Importance of Self-Care to Moms

    Later on, Solenn understood how her wants and needs are also part of the journey of motherhood.

    “Because in order for me to be a good mother, I need to be able to be happy,” she said.

    Along with this, she also acknowledged the fact that things don’t happen overnight. Exercise, diet, as well as a good support system all work together to make it happen.

    Furthermore, she is also doing all these not to simply “bounce back” to her old body but to forge a new sense of self. Solenn even took it on her Instagram page to share what she has learned during her journey.

    “One thing I learned after becoming a mom: You’ll never be who you were. Because you’re not. Actually, you’re a better person, because you see what your body’s capable of doing.”

    “There’s no shame in asking for professional help, especially when new phases in life mean new challenges. [However], the journey for reshaping and restoring yourself [should not be taken] alone – it really takes a village,” she added.

    In a separate Instagram post, she also reminded fellow mothers to sometimes “take some time off” for themselves despite the mom guilt.

    Solenn’s husband, Nico Bolzico, also posted on Instagram honoring both Solenn and Thylane last month during International Women’s Day.

    Practical Self-Care Tips for Mothers

    Some mothers may find different ways of self-care but here are a few that you can try.

    Learn more about Postpartum Selfcare here.

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