Giving Birth

how to prevent vaginal tearing during pregnancy
How to Prevent Vaginal Tearing During Childbirth
Perineal tears are common during delivery, especially for first-time mommies. Here's how to prevent vaginal tearing during birth.
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cord coil complications
Cord Coil Complications
One of the most common umbilical cord injuries is cord coil or nuchal cord. Here’s everything you need to know about cord coil complications.
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postpartum hemorrhage causes and risk factors
Postpartum Hemorrhage: Causes and Risk Factors
Heavy bleeding during childbirth is a preventable cause of maternal death. What are the causes and risk factors of postpartum hemorrhage?
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maternity go-bag essentials
Giving Birth, Pregnancy
Maternity Go-Bag Essentials to Prepare Before Delivery
Maternity go-bag essentials must be ready prior to giving birth as it help you have a smooth and less stressful labor and delivery.
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True labor versus false labor
Labor and Delivery
True Labor or False Labor? Here’s How to Tell
Knowing how to differentiate between true labor versus false labor is helpful in preparing for childbirth. Here are some important tips for expectant moms.
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Gentle c-section checklist
Giving Birth, Labor and Delivery, Pregnancy
What Happens During a Gentle C-Section?
A gentle c-section, in some ways, resembles natural birth. Considering this birth method? Check out this gentle c-section checklist.
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