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Can Orgasm Cause Miscarriage?

Medically reviewed by Dexter Macalintal, MD

Written by China Logarta · Updated Aug 03

    Can Orgasm Cause Miscarriage?

    Sex is an integral part of a couple’s life and a necessary act to get pregnant. In this article, we aim to answer the central question: can orgasm cause miscarriage? Whether you have a desire to have – or avoid – sex, people are still unclear about its effects on pregnancy. Some experts believe that sexual activity elicits the start of contractions, which leads to labor. However, authorities in the field think otherwise because of more recent findings on the subject.

    If you are pregnant and wondering how sex and achieving orgasm will affect you and your baby’s development, there are certain things to take into account.

    What is the difference between miscarriage and preterm birth?

    A miscarriage happens when a pregnancy spontaneously ends before reaching 20 weeks. Most miscarriages happen before 12 weeks (2 months). These occur 10% to 20% of the time, but the rate may be higher since some take place in the very early stages of pregnancy. Some miscarriages might happen even before a woman becomes aware of a pregnancy.

    In relation to the question of can orgasm cause miscarriage, various issues typically induce the latter. Genetic or chromosomal conditions and maternal conditions usually bring about a miscarriage. Both chromosomes coming from the father, an abnormal placenta are examples of genetic problems. Meanwhile, unmanaged diabetes, hormonal problems, and uterine or cervical problems fall under maternal conditions.

    Risk factors for miscarriage

    Other times, some determinants contribute to being more likely to have a miscarriage:

    • Age over 35
    • earlier miscarriages
    • chronic health conditions
    • smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking illegal drugs
    • under- or overweightness
    • invasive prenatal procedures

    Preterm birth, on the other hand, is when a baby arrives too early; typically, before 37 weeks.

    Risk factors for preterm birth

    Its causes are yet unclear, but there are risk factors to watch out for:

    • Previous delivery of premature baby
    • Pregnancy with multiple babies
    • Smoking and substance abuse
    • Shortened time between pregnancies

    Can orgasm cause miscarriage?

    Though often thought to have negative effects on pregnancy, sex – and orgasms – are not connected to preterm births, the premature rupturing of membranes, low birth weight or the sudden onset of labor at term.

    A study of 600 pregnant women showed that sex during weeks 29 to 36, or the third trimester (late pregnancy), did not heighten the risk of preterm birth. It demonstrated that women who delivered preterm reported less frequent sex during the latter months of their pregnancy. The methods the researchers used showed no link between preterm birth and the frequency of sex six months before pregnancy or during the first trimester. Women between 29 and 36 weeks who said that they had sex no less than two weeks ago were found to have lower chances of preterm delivery.  The study found that the odds of preterm birth were also less if the woman climaxed. Women who had sex but no orgasm, and those who didn’t have sex but had an orgasm in late pregnancy, also showed reduced odds of preterm delivery.

    The “protective effect” of sex

    Researchers suggest that sex had a protective effect, the level of which is related to how much support the woman has during her pregnancy. They deduced that sex during 29 to 36 weeks was a “strong predictor” for a full-term pregnancy.

    As to the issue – can orgasm cause miscarriage – it will not. The baby is protected by the amniotic fluid and the uterine muscles. Activities other than sex, such as exercise and working (NOT involving harmful substances or radiation) won’t cause miscarriages either.

    Experts also say that sex is allowed for low-risk pregnancies. These are pregnancies that don’t have active complications and factors that put the pregnancy at risk for complications.

    The best course of action is to talk to your doctor if you wish to have sex during your pregnancy.

    Key Takeaway

    So, can orgasm cause miscarriage? The answer is no, unless advised otherwise by your physician. As long as your pregnancy is normal and there are no complications, sex – and climaxing – won’t cause miscarriage.

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    Medically reviewed by

    Dexter Macalintal, MD

    Written by China Logarta · Updated Aug 03

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