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Why Bonding with Your Baby During Pregnancy Matters

Medically reviewed by Ann Guevarra MD, OB-GYN Diplomate, POGS · Obstetrics and Gynecology

Written by Nikita Bhalla · Updated Jul 29, 2022

    Why Bonding with Your Baby During Pregnancy Matters

    Bonding with your baby during pregnancy is known to be beneficial because it strengthens the mother-baby relationship and helps the baby to understand a few things well after birth. Read on to learn more about bonding with baby in utero.

    Here’s why it is important to bond with your baby bump and things you can do that are beneficial for your baby’s development.

    Why is bonding with your baby during pregnancy important?

    Bonding is important for a newborn baby.

    This is why many doctors and midwives suggest talking to your baby bump to develop prenatal attachment or maternal-fetal attachment. 

    According to a study carried on newborn monkeys showed that baby monkeys socialized better with their real mothers and not mannequins, even when the mannequins were made soft and provided similar comfort like their real mothers.

    Also, researchers found that baby monkeys were more likely to suffer from despair when with mannequin mothers. Looking at such results, scientists believe the lack of bonding in human babies can cause similar problems.

    Most parents may have mixed feelings about baby birth. On the other hand, newborn babies are ready for bond immediately. Some parents feel extreme attachment within a few minutes with their baby and some take a few days after their baby’s birth. 

    Bonding, as you know, is a process that is not something that happens within a few minutes and not something that has to be limited. For many new parents, taking very good care is the way of developing bonds. You may not know unless your baby looks at you and smiles and you melt with joy and love.

    Ways to bond with your baby during pregnancy

    To develop a strong bond with your baby post-childbirth, it is best you do a few things during pregnancy that help you with the best. 

    Talk and sing with your baby

    Your baby is growing and developing day by day in your womb, so is their hearing ability.

    From about 23 weeks, your child is able to listen to your heartbeat and growling of your tummy when you are hungry. Also, they’re able to listen to the sound outside the womb.

    Talking to your child while in the womb helps your baby to develop attachment and strengthens the attachment once born. Also, after the birth, your baby may love to hear your voice and feel comfortable to know that you are around them. 

    Therefore, it is best to talk to your baby when in the womb to develop attachment and bonding.


    Yoga during pregnancy or Antenatal yoga not only helps to relax but also helps to know how healthily your body is functioning and how well your baby is growing. 

    If you are not a yoga person, that is fine, you can start while you are expecting your child. Your yoga instructor is the best person who can guide you through your antenatal yoga poses.

    The best time to start antenatal yoga is in the second trimester i.e., after 14 weeks. 

    Along with simple stretches, your instructor will also teach breathing exercises that will help you during labor. 

    Antenatal yoga poses help to relax your body and mind and may help in increasing attachment with your baby. 

    Indulge in antenatal yoga to get maximum benefits.

    Take your baby for a walk

    Take some time out with your baby and go for a walk. This will help you to be physically active and fit.

    Going for a walk helps you with your ‘me time’ which keeps you away from any distractions and plan what is best for you and the baby. Also, interestingly, you can chat with your baby too while walking – he/she can still listen to you!

    If you were not much into exercising before getting pregnant, start with smaller physical activities like walking. Also, you can join an antenatal yoga class and improve your physique. Remember, being physically active and fit is important for you and your baby. Choose pregnancy exercises that work best for you, upon the advice of your doctor. And know what pregnancy exercises to avoid as well.

    So, take some time for yourself and your baby and go for a walk. Take your partner with you so that they can develop an attachment with the baby, too. 

    bonding with baby

    Massage your baby bump gently

    Massaging your baby bump is one of the soothing ways of bonding with baby during pregnancy. Start massaging after the first trimester to help you with relaxation. 

    Many women use creams and essential oils to prevent stretch marks. However, there is no concrete proof that proves creams and oils help prevent stretch marks.

    Nonetheless, massaging cream or oil can be relaxing and soothing. Also, it can improve your skin quality around the bump.

    You can take aromatherapy to pamper yourself and spend quality time with your baby. Also, this can be one of the effective stress management techniques.

    You can also consult your doctor about the best skincare products during pregnancy.

    Allow time for daddy-baby bonding too!

    Babies have a special bond with their mothers as they spend maximum time with their mothers. The mother-child bond develops more and strengthens post-baby birth. 

    As fathers-to-be don’t experience such physical and emotional development, spending time with their partner can strengthen the bond and develop an attachment with their baby. There are plenty of ways that dads-to-be can use to develop and strengthen their bond with their baby.

    Once you are in the 23rd week of pregnancy, let your child know the voice of their father. Encourage your partner to talk to your baby bump to help your child get familiar with their father’s voice.

    If you are taking antenatal classes, encourage your partner to attend the classes. This will help him to know what to expect during labor and childbirth.

    These are a few beneficial tips that you can consider to help bond with your baby during pregnancy.

    Benefits of bonding with baby during pregnancy

    The best benefits of bonding with your baby during pregnancy are:

    • It helps you to develop an intense attachment with your baby
    • It helps your baby to develop an attachment with you
    • Bonding with your baby while pregnant can help foster mental development
    • It helps your baby with better voice recognition and attachment post-childbirth
    • It helps your baby to feel comfortable and protected after birth

    Therefore, it is best that you share a greater bond with your baby during pregnancy. Bonding with your baby during pregnancy is beneficial for the whole family.



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    Medically reviewed by

    Ann Guevarra MD, OB-GYN Diplomate, POGS

    Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Written by Nikita Bhalla · Updated Jul 29, 2022

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