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Buntis Sex: Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Medically reviewed by Dexter Macalintal, MD

Written by China Logarta · Updated Jun 03, 2022

    Buntis Sex: Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

    Expectant couples often wonder if they can have sex while the woman is pregnant. Perhaps due to cultural reasons, sex is out of mind when a woman is already pregnant. They might be apprehensive about the effects of sexual activity, because some think that it induces labor or causes miscarriage. Buntis sex is essential in nurturing intimacy between partners. In this article, we will discuss when sexual activity is safe, when it’s not, and what sex positions a pregnant couple can engage in.

    Sex during pregnancy

    Sex (and other forms of intercourse) is considered safe for normal pregnancies. Normal pregnancies are low-risk, or have a low possibility of complications such as preterm labor and miscarriage. 

    During the first trimester, you might not want to engage in sex due to nausea or tiredness. In the second trimester, your sex drive and energy levels may rise when morning sickness subsides. In the third trimester, your sex drive might go down again. Sex drive might also be affected by how attractive a woman perceives herself to be. Buntis sex is still possible throughout the whole pregnancy. The important thing is to communicate with your partner about changes you experience.

    Buntis sex positions

    Different positions are necessary to have sex as your belly grows. There are a lot out there, but here are nine sex positions to try in each trimester.

    For the first trimester


  • Penetrative, but not as deep
  • Provides stimulation for non-penetrative sex
  • HOW: Your partner’s right leg is over your left while your own right leg is over their left. Lean back while your partner lifts himself up with his arms. He should gently rotate into you rather than thrust.
  • X-Files

    • Great for stimulation since partner has full access to the breasts, which will be sensitive due to higher levels of estrogen and progesterone
    • HOW: Lie back and lift both legs onto your partner’s shoulders. He can penetrate you easily.


    • This position can still be done while no baby bump is visible

    For the second trimester

    Doggy style

    • No pressure on belly
    • HOW: Go on your hands and knees, while your partner enters from behind


    • HOW: Your partner lies down, while you straddle his hips and face forward. Start riding up and down at your desired speed.


    • A good position for buntis sex as growing bellies have space
    • Provides mutual masturbation
    • HOW: Sit on the bed with legs facing each other and arms behind to support yourselves. Move towards each other with your legs bent and spread. Your legs and feet will be outside their hips.

    For the third trimester


    • Lying on your side takes away pressure from the back and uterus and belly
    • Best for late-stage pregnancies as it is more gentle and doesn’t enable deep penetration
    • HOW: Your partner lies beside you with your back facing him and he enters you from behind.

    Reverse cowgirl

    • HOW: Similar to cowgirl, but you are facing his legs

    Table Top

    •  Offers you a comfortable position and easy access for your partner
    • HOW: Sit on the edge of a bed, counter or table, with pillows while your partner enters you.

    What you shouldn’t do

    When engaging in buntis sex, there are some things that should never be done, regardless of your risk level:

    • Blowing air into vagina: This can cause an air embolism, which is when a blood vessel is blocked by an air bubble. This is rare, but fatal.
    • Having sex with partner of unknown sexual history: Pregnancy doesn’t protect against sexually transmitted infections. These can harm both you and your baby.
    • Lying down on your back or right side: According to a news report, experts recommend not to have sex in these positions since essential veins and arteries might become compressed.

    Key Takeaway

    Starting a family is an exciting thing. Pregnancy should be something that brings you together, and one of the best ways to do that is through sex. Although it might be challenging, many buntis sex positions are available to you and your partner. Who knows, even after your pregnancy, you might use them to spice up your sex life.

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    Medically reviewed by

    Dexter Macalintal, MD

    Written by China Logarta · Updated Jun 03, 2022

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