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Sex During First Trimester: Is 3 Months Too Soon?

Sex During First Trimester: Is 3 Months Too Soon?

During pregnancy, expecting mothers will often become more careful with everything from the first 3 months of pregnancy, from their diet to their sleeping positions. Of these worries, perhaps the thing that makes both husband and wife worry the most is whether they should have sex in the first 3 months of pregnancy or not?

Sex During First Trimester: Is it Safe?

Is having sex during first trimester safe? — this is a question many pregnant women have asked because some people may feel that their sexual urges intensify during pregnancy.

The cause of increased libido is mainly due to the rapid increase in pregnancy hormones. The breasts become larger and more sensitive, and the vulva is also slightly swollen due to the increased blood circulation in this area.

However, many try to suppress it, afraid of how it may affect the fetus. Others may feel easily fatigued

What’s more, many pregnant women may experience severe nausea or morning sickness during the early stage of pregnancy. Cramping after intercourse or chest pain during pregnancy can also cause some couples to avoid “sex” during this time.

You don’t need to worry if you feel your sexual needs change during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Be proactive and frank with your partner to find the best solution to meet both of your needs. You can seek the advice of your doctor if you feel the need, especially if you experience unusual symptoms after having sex.

Should you have sex in the first 3 months of pregnancy?

Is it okay to have sex in the first 3 months of pregnancy? According to a study published by the British Journal of General Practice, it is okay to have sex in the first 3 months of pregnancy if your health is stable and you feel interested in sex.

You can put your mind at ease because the fetus is protected in the womb within the amniotic sac, in addition, the cervical mucus plug will also protect the baby from external influences.

You should not have sex if you have the following conditions:

  • Have a history of miscarriage or are at risk of miscarriage
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding or bleeding after sex
  • Abdominal pain or cramps
  • Cervical instability (history of cone resection or previous cervical procedure)
  • Pregnant with twins or multiples
  • Was diagnosed with low attachment placenta or with significant subchorionic hemorrhage

When you are pregnant, you should also avoid sex if your partner has genital herpes . In addition, make sure your partner always uses a condom when having sex to prevent the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases during pregnancy, ensuring that it does not affect the development of the fetus during pregnancy.

Safe sex position for pregnant women having sex in the first 3 months

In addition to wondering about having sex in the first 3 months of pregnancy, many pregnant women also face difficulties in choosing sex positions during pregnancy .

The first trimester of pregnancy is considered the most sensitive period in pregnancy. The natural lubrication mechanism of the vulva is more active, the woman’s body is also more easily irritated, and the waist is not large enough to worry about during sex.

Therefore, the first 3 months of pregnancy is the time when you can enjoy sex with many different positions because the physical changes during this time are still not significant. All sex positions are safe during this first trimester. You can try any position that you and your “partner” feel most comfortable in.

However, you should still prioritize sex positions that do not put pressure on the abdomen. In addition, if you are worried that the fetus is not stable, you should avoid too strong stimulation. And limit the penetration of the penis too deeply into the vagina. Instead, try making love gently and slowly.

With the above information, hopefully you have found the answer to the question of whether you should have sex during first trimester or if you should abstain. For any concerns, it’s best to confide in your trusted doctor.


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