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Mothers, This Is the Sign You Need To Take a Mental Break!

Mothers, This Is the Sign You Need To Take a Mental Break!

It is not easy to bear a child for nine whole months in your womb, more so the months and years following it. Having a child takes much of your time and energy with breastfeeding and changing diapers and work and housekeeping chores. This is why it’s critical that mothers get a much-needed mental break every once in a while.

With COVID-19, the line between work and home has blurred as the pandemic has gone on. Juggling responsibilities has heightened everyone’s stress levels. And this is doubly true for mothers raising kids and trying to earn a living at the same time.

The Importance of Mental Breaks

According to parenting expert and author Ann Douglas, breaks are important to prevent hurting yourself and the rest of the family. In an interview, she warns people about the tendency of becoming extremely depleted, which later on results in burnout. When burnout occurs, you may think that you are a terrible parent who is failing miserably. And from there, it is a downward spiral where all you can see are your failures and shortcomings.

Some may find it hard to see through the need for a mental break especially when you have tons of tasks on your to-do list. But experts say that it can help with how you work around day-to-day tasks both big and small.

Another study revealed that allowing yourself to have a mental break can help you recover from stress. Rest allows you to regain your energy and mental resources, as well as reduce your risk of developing the following conditions:

On top of that, an associate professor of industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology at Portland State University, Charles Fritz, PhD, also suggests having breaks. He shares that a mental break can improve one’s mood, overall performance capacity, and even your overall well-being.

Taking mini-breaks, or microbreaks, is essential throughout the working day as it helps you feel better and work more efficiently. A mini-break is taking the time out from your busy schedule to simply enjoy yourself for a while. This may look different for many people. Consider the following activities:

  • Relaxation (whether in the form of stretching or daydreaming)
  • Socialization or engagement (chatting and messaging a friend or a family member)
  • Cognitive (reading a book or watching short videos)
  • Nutritional (enjoying a snack or drink)

3 Things You Can Do To Have a Mental Break

Here are a few things you can do to have your own short mental breaks.

1. Take a Walk

Consider going for walk to get out of the house and into the fresh air. It is not only a form of aerobic exercise but it can also be a mental break by relieving tension, improving mood, and reducing anxiety.

In a literature review, Rita Berto, PhD adds that spending some time in natural environments also reduces stress. Additionally, it can replenish the cognitive performance deficits linked with heightened stress.

2. Prepare a Meal for Yourself

Studies show that certain food can help reduce stress. This includes:

  • Salmon
  • Okra
  • Spinach
  • Dark chocolate
  • Potato
  • Orange

When it comes to performing at your peak, nourishing yourself is absolutely necessary. Taking the time to prepare and enjoy a favorite meal can also help you relax after a long day.

3. Practice Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of living with awareness and intention. It entails taking time each day to rest, reflect, and reconnect. When this becomes a habit, it results in the development of a powerful inner resource that allows silence and recovery from stress.

Some may prefer prayer or meditation, but the key is to sharpen your mind and learn to live in the present moment.

Such activities can aid recovery by restoring your mental and psychical functional systems to their baseline levels.

Key Takeaway

You are doing a great job keeping everything together — being a mother, working, and even doing the chores all at the same time. But it is also time that you realize the power of recharging and recovery. Do yourself and your family a favor by taking that mental break you badly need and deserve.

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