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6 Things Mothers Shouldn't Do When Breastfeeding

Medically reviewed by Regina Victoria Boyles, MD · Pediatrics

Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated Jun 21, 2022

6 Things Mothers Shouldn't Do When Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers need to remember many things to ensure they have adequate milk supply for their babies and prevent problems like mastitis and nipple itching. On top of that, they might also have to take note of breast milk pumping and storage and deal with a possible breastfeeding strike or issues with latching and sucking. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, why don’t you start with the things you CAN’T do while nursing? In this article, we’ll talk about mga bawal sa breastfeeding. 

A Little Reminder

Before we list down ang mga bawal sa breastfeeding, let’s first talk about the possibility of not being able to breastfeed. 

You see, as natural as breastfeeding goes for many mothers, it’s not always healthy or practical for others. For instance, babies who have galactosemia should not nurse or receive expressed breast milk. Likewise, some mommies do not produce enough breast milk, and “forcing” themselves to nurse might only lead to chronic stress and even depression

In other words, you shouldn’t beat yourself up or feel guilty if you cannot breastfeed your baby. Talk to your baby’s pediatrician: they can help you decide on the best formula milk for your little one. 

Now that’s clear, let’s proceed with our topic: mga bawal sa breastfeeding. 

Mga Bawal sa Breastfeeding

When thinking about mga bawal sa breastfeeding, keep the following in mind:

1. Alcohol and Excessive Caffeine1

First on our list of mga bawal sa breastfeeding are alcohol and caffeine. 

Reports say drinking alcoholic beverages may reduce the amount of breast milk your baby drinks. Moreover, it may change the taste of your breast milk, which may trigger breastfeeding strikes on babies. Also, don’t fall into the myth that alcohol increases your milk supply — that’s not true! 

Should you decide on drinking liquor, do so in small and infrequent amounts and make sure it’s after nursing or pumping. 

As for caffeine, experts say it’s okay as long as you don’t drink excessively (more than 3 cups daily). However, should you notice your baby getting agitated after nursing, it’s best to cut back on the caffeine. 

2. Smoking

Another thing on our list of mga bawal sa breastfeeding is cigarette smoking, including e-cigarettes. Reports say inhaled nicotine can reach the breast milk and it might disturb the baby’s sleep pattern. Likewise, it might also reduce the mother’s milk supply1. It can also potentially decrease the nutrition the baby gets, instead of maximizing it.

Despite the possible disadvantages, experts remind mommies that if they cannot stop using e-cigarettes and vape products, they must still continue nursing. 

3. Crash Diet

As much as mothers want to lose the weight they gained during pregnancy, crash dieting is not advised. 

Remember that you need proper nutrition to maintain your milk supply. Also, keep in mind that breastfeeding also helps in weight loss. 

4. Stop Breastfeeding When Sick

Unless you’re really sick and require medications that might pass through breast milk, don’t stop nursing. 

Even if your baby cannot have your breast milk for a while, continue to pump and just discard the milk. Not expressing milk can cause problems like mastitis. Furthermore, stopping nursing midway through can make it difficult to get back on track once you’re well enough to breastfeed again. 

5. Switch Breasts Early

Since trapped milk can cause problems, one of those na mga bawal sa breastfeeding is switching breasts early. 

Allow your baby to fully empty the milk in one breast before switching to the other. 

6. Water

While breastfeeding mothers need to have plenty of fluids, babies under 6 months are not required to have any. Giving water is not bad in itself, but mothers should avoid the feeling of premature fullness that occurs from drinking water. Breast milk, which is actually mostly water, or formula milk is enough for them. Giving them water only fills their tummy, leaving less room for the nutritious milk. 

Also, do not give them rice water or am as a milk substitute. 

Key Takeaways

The list of mga bawal sa breastfeeding include alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and crash dieting. Mothers should also avoid stopping breastfeeding unless absolutely necessary, switching breasts early, and readily giving their babies water when they’re under 6 months old. 

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Medically reviewed by

Regina Victoria Boyles, MD


Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated Jun 21, 2022

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