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How To Express Milk Through an Electric Breast Pump

How To Express Milk Through an Electric Breast Pump

If your maternity leave is coming to an end, you may be full of apprehension. You may want to come back to work, but you are also afraid that breastfeeding your child may no longer be possible. Your mom friends suggest that you get yourself an electric breast pump to help you express milk while doing other things. But how do they work?

As world progresses, so does convenience. When it comes to breastfeeding, innovations in technology assist mothers in juggling the roles of mother and worker.

What Is an Electric Breast Pump?

An electric breast pump utilizes electricity for its operation to help express milk from your breasts.

This type of pump is ideal if you:

  • Need to pump and store breastmilk frequently
  • Have problems latching
  • Want to provide your infant with breastmilk but do not have time for frequent breastfeeding

Electric pumps outperform manual pumps in terms of efficiency. They can assist you in maintaining your milk production if you choose to give your baby a bottle of breast milk. Moreover, this type offers the quickest way to pump milk.

Choosing an Electric Breast Pump for You

There are a few different types of electric breast pump mechanisms that you can choose from. These range from handheld, battery-powered models to electric breast pumps that you need to plug into an outlet.

Single-Breast Electric Breast Pump

This is the most cost-effective option if you will be expressing only occasionally or for a short period of time.

It is also known as a mini electric pump, which is run by a motor. It can either be electric or battery-operated, pumping one breast at a time.

Double-Breast Electric Pump

If time is important to you, then this option is for you. It cuts pumping time in half compared to single-breast electric breast pumps.

Hospital-Grade Pump

A hospital-grade pump is your best bet if your child is sick or premature. It typically has a larger motor that can pump more efficiently.

Doctors refer to this type as a multiuser pump as it can allow multiple women to use it safely.

It also works best if you are attempting to establish a sufficient milk supply for your child.

How To Use an Electric Breast Pump

Below are some tips on how to use an electric breast pump to express milk.

  • Always make sure that you have clean hands before touching or exposing your breast to the device.
  • Ensure that the pump, bottle, and all other parts are also clean and sterile.
  • Begin by massaging your breasts for a few minutes. It will aid in the let-down reflex.
  • Switch on the machine and place the breast shield or funnel over your nipple. Begin with a slow speed, preferably the lowest setting. It may take a few minutes for your milk to begin flowing, but once it does, you may increase the speed.
  • When your milk production begins to slow, switch breasts. Then switch back because you might have more milk to express. It is natural for one breast to produce more milk than the other.
  • Remove the breast shield and place a lid on the bottle after emptying both breasts.

Like any other pumped breastmilk, you can choose to refrigerate it right away or leave it out at room temperature for a few hours. Do not forget to wash off and sterilize all the components.

Key Takeaway

An electric breast pump can help you power through your workload and provide your child with the benefits of breastmilk. But do make sure to seek advice if you are experiencing pain or discomfort while using the pump.

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Written by Fiel Tugade Updated 4 weeks ago
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