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How Does the Law of Attraction Work for Health?

Written by Stephanie Nera, RPh, PharmD · Pharmacology

Updated Feb 16, 2021

How Does the Law of Attraction Work for Health?

You may have heard of it before, but how does the law of attraction work? Is it even real? While the validity of the law of attraction is debatable, there is no denying that many people believe in it. If it’s so popular, there must be something to it. Learn more about how you can use the law of attraction to improve your overall health.

How does the law of attraction work in health?

The main idea of the law of attraction is visualizing and affirming your beliefs and desires until they become reality. It is similar to practicing mindfulness and mind over matter. Some may chalk up the manifestations of the law of attraction as merely “placebo’, however, studies have shown that the placebo effect is real and powerful.

Regardless if you truly believe in the law of attraction or any higher power, there is no harm in visualizing a better version of yourself and working toward it.

Stress management

One of the best ways to make use of the law of attraction is by managing your stress. Stress is a normal and actually essential part of life. Without stress, we would not be motivated to do anything. This useful or “good’ stress is known as eustress, while “bad’ stress is called distress. Many mental and physical problems stem from excessive levels of stress.

With the law of attraction, the more stressed you believe you are the more stress you will gain. However, if you believe certain stressful situations are merely a process toward greater goals, the stress will seem temporary. Take a look at the bigger picture whenever you feel stressed out and find a safe way to release it.

For example, if you are stressed about the results of a job interview, instead of focusing on your mistakes think about what went right. In any case, all you can do is wait until you get a call back. Believe that you made it and start reviewing relevant skills you will need for the job. If you end up not making it, you still took the steps toward your ultimate goal and are ready to look for another opportunity. Stressing over things that are out of your control will only add more stress to your life.

How does the law of attraction work

Improve your immunity

As mentioned previously, stress (or rather distress) can be harmful for your health. People who are overstressed are more likely to be fatigued and have lower immunity. Too much stress over time can lead to health problems such as cardiovascular disease like hypertension and stroke.

If you feel a slight tickle in your throat, don’t obsess over it. Stay hydrated, take some vitamin C, and keep your mind on the task at hand. Focusing on the possibility that it might be a serious illness will only stress your body and mind. You may even convince your body that you are sick (or rather manifest it).

If you find yourself having to take a day off or two due to an illness, instead of stressing over missing work or school, try to take the time to recover. By focusing your energy on getting better, your illness will improve faster and you can get back to the grind sooner. Perhaps this was a much needed break that your body needed.

The Positive Effects of Meditating Regularly

Reduce pain

How does the law of attraction work

While pain is usually caused by a physical injury, it is all processed by the brain. In order to quell painful stimuli, we often resort to using medications like paracetamol and ibuprofen. Aside from painkillers, there are other ways to relieve pain. Massages, ice packs, and even distracting yourself from pain can make it go away.

Meditation and mindfulness have already been utilized in chronic pain treatment in patients undergoing chemotherapy and recovering from injuries. Studies have shown that when patients practice mediation or mindfulness, their pain perception is less severe, shorter-lived, and requires lower doses of analgesics. This practice is especially useful for reducing the dose and frequency of potentially-addicting opioids.

Lose weight

Lastly, the law of attraction can work to help you lose or gain weight, depending on your personal goals. Now, simply saying you want to lose 10 pounds will not magically make the weight disappear. However, visualizing your goal body and gathering the necessary resources is a big step in the right direction.

A positive mindset is the root of long-term weight-loss success. Strict diets and vigorous exercise can be hard to maintain, not to mention avoiding temptations is always a challenge. Instead of getting discouraged by the amount of time it takes to attain your goals, focus on what you do like about yourself.

Again, avoid stressing out too much. As previously mentioned, bad stress can lead to poor health. Stressful situations can increase cortisol levels. Cortisol leads to increased appetite, weight gain, and fat accumulation. In short, stress can be sabotaging your fitness goals.

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Key takeaways

In summary, the law of attraction works to help you become the person you want to be. Visualizing and knowing what you want is the necessary first step before any major change. While some people believe that the law of attraction requires no action, we would argue against that. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and like-minded individuals who can help you reach your goals. Take small steps and don’t stress over minor setbacks.

In addition, talk to a doctor before you drastically change your diet or exercise plans.


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Written by

Stephanie Nera, RPh, PharmD


Updated Feb 16, 2021

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