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The Mental Health Benefits of Decorating the Home

Medically reviewed by Jezreel Esguerra, MD · General Practitioner

Written by Excel Dyquiangco · Updated Dec 31, 2022

The Mental Health Benefits of Decorating the Home

Did you know that decorating your own home not only increases the value of your property but also gives you ample health benefits? Yes, putting in the right curtains, sweeping the floor, or even styling the dinner table can actually help nurture your mental wellbeing. Here’s how home decorating to calm anxiety is effective and worth a try. 

The Health Benefits of Decorating the Home

Decorating your home can boost your happiness

Your environment can affect your mood. When you design and decorate your own home according to your needs, your mood can easily be lifted. 

Some ways to bring happiness into your home is by:

  • Including more plants and flowers
  • Opening up the windows
  • Letting natural light stream in
  • Allowing air to circulate in the spaces
  • Clearing clutter
  • Organizing items in order for your spaces to look more visually pleasing
  • Throwing away trash and junk that may be collecting dust

Anxiety often occurs when one feels uncomfortable in their space or people are overwhelmed by the clutter in their room.

Decorating your home can improve your sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep means that you are calm, rested, and free from worry. This is what decorating your home does. It can help you improve your sleep because you feel safe, secure, and happy in your sanctuary. 

When it comes to getting some quality sleep, you may want to invest in comfy, orthopedic mattresses, candles for aromatherapy, and curtains to help prevent light from streaming in and disrupting your nap. For deeper sleep, you may want to try having a massage right before bedtime.

decorating to calm anxiety

Decorating your home can calm your nerves

Certain studies have shown how decorating to calm anxiety and nurture one’s mental well-being is effective. If you interpret your space to be relaxing and calm, your body can release certain hormones that can actually reduce anxiety. 

According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, one of the ways to decorate your home to calm your nerves is to place house plants throughout the home because these decrease your stress levels.

Another is to paint your house blue because these hues have been shown to reduce blood pressure and make you feel less stressed.  There have also been studies that more mirrors in your house can contribute to more anxiety so in some spaces, espouse a mirror-free room. 

Decorating your home can help you breathe better

Part of ensuring that your home remains a sanctuary is by ensuring that it is well-maintained and cleaned properly. Create a routine and regularly clean your home. This protects your family and children from developing cough and asthma due to dust and other allergens

With a clean home, you will feel more energized and healthy.

Decorating your home can clear your mind

A disorganized home means a disorganized mind. When you decorate your own home by putting in small items in their respective spaces and knowing where these are, you achieve peace of mind.  This means you do not have to think about them anymore. In this sense, home decorating to calm anxiety is very effective. 

Decorating your home can make you feel more comfortable

As previously mentioned, decorating your own home brings you happiness, and in the process, helps you be more comfortable not only with your home but with yourself. Decorating gives you a sense of control and achievement, especially when you finish tasks. 

Decorating your home can increase interest in all aspects

Not only in your home but with your work – decorating your home can increase your interest level and motivation.

In fact, the way you design your home can also affect your productivity in your office space, especially now with more people working from home. According to a Princeton study, a clean and organized home can lead to improved productivity.  

Decorating your home promotes love

Surround yourself with posters and photographs that make you relive the good memories that you have with your family and friends. Why not hang the picture of your dog, or how about your most recent trip with family?

This kind of pampering is good for your mind and spirit, and fills your home with positive vibes. 

Decorating your home can ensure social confidence

Being proud to share your space starts with decorating and conceptualizing your home aesthetic. It boosts your confidence and inspires you to open up your home to family and friends. And spending time with those you care about can truly boost your mental health and wellbeing.

Decorating your home can spark creativity

One of the health benefits of decorating the home is inspiring creativity. You are, after all, styling and designing your home. And so in the process, you effectively exercise your imagination. This can contribute much to your well-being.

Experts have shown that people are more energized and happy when they indulge in more creative activities. 

Decorating your home can help you exercise more

Of course, it is not easy to decorate your house. You need to move around a lot, put in the necessary furniture, and hang paintings on the walls. This naturally involves a certain level of activity, especially when carrying items, cleaning the floor, the windows, and the cabinets, among others. This type of physical activity can become a good everyday workout and can help boost your happy endorphins. 

Make it a family affair and have your partner, kids, and other family members to take part in the home project. They may enjoy it as well.

Decorating your home can create a productive diversion

If you are experiencing stress, grief, or depression, decorating your home can help distract you from these negative circumstances, changing your mindset in the process. Sometimes channeling your stress, anxiety, and uneasiness through productive work and activity can help you better process these emotions. 

Key Takeaways

So the next time you need to decorate or renovate your home, keep in mind that its benefits run deeper. You are not only redesigning your space, but you are helping to nurture your mental health. Home decorating to calm anxiety is not only practical but effective. 

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Medically reviewed by

Jezreel Esguerra, MD

General Practitioner

Written by Excel Dyquiangco · Updated Dec 31, 2022

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