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Planning to Start Eating Vegan Food? Try Gulay Lang PH!

Medically reviewed by Mae Charisse Antalan, MD · General Practitioner

Written by Fiel Tugade · Updated Aug 30, 2022

    Planning to Start Eating Vegan Food? Try Gulay Lang PH!

    During the pandemic, many small food businesses rose to offer different kinds of treats, ranging from ube-cheese pandesal, sushi bake, and even the Basque brunt cheesecake, which everybody loves. But did you know that aside from all these, vegan food and other plant-based options also came into the picture?

    In a new series called #WeveOnlyJustVEGAN under the #CoffeeWithKai segment, Zofia Leal of Gulay Lang PH walks us through her own journey of becoming vegan herself and eventually enjoying the process of cooking vegan food for other people to provide them the comfort they need in these trying times. 

    What is Gulay Lang PH?

    Gulay Lang PH is a family-owned, home-based online business located in the largest city of Metro Manila, Quezon City. 

    Zofia Leal, fondly called Zof, handles their business of serving plant-based, vegan food alongside her husband. They offer different kinds of healthy and tasty viands on a daily, such as your favorite Filipino dishes including:

    • Lumpiang Gulay
    • Munggo
    • Tokwa’t Mushroom
    • Bistek
    • Menudo
    • Sisig
    • Pinakbet 
    • Ginataang Gulay
    • Giniling
    • Sinigang 
    • Laing
    • Bicol Express

    Aside from the childhood dishes many people grew up with, they also offer a selection of dishes from other countries like:

    • Falafel + Tzatziki
    • Tofudon
    • Dumplings 
    • Vietnamese Spring Rolls
    • Mongolian Stir Fry 

    Furthermore, different kinds of pasta like Aglio Olio, Arriabiata, Spaghetti Bolognese, and bread on the side are also available on their menu. 

    How Did the Business Start?

    During the interview, Zof shared that Gulay Lang started through their love of feeding people. Initially, they were just cooking vegan food for themselves and even some for their friends. And their friends would be surprised to know that they’re eating vegetables because of them. 

    Na-shock sila na bakit ganun, na ‘yung gulay hindi lang siya iyong parang tingin natin dati na walang lasa ganun, hindi masarap. Kunwari ‘yung ampalaya mapait lang. So iyon ‘yung naging starting point namin. So, triny namin siya and so far, it’s working out well for us,” she said. 

    Additionally, she also mentioned that it is very important for them to share the comfort food brings to people.

    Zof’s Personal Journey Towards Becoming Vegan

    Like everyone else, Zof recalled how it was also a struggle for her to transition to all vegan food. 

    “It was a long process din for me kasi matagal ko na siyang goal din, pero ‘yun nga, parang magagawa ko siya one week and then magsstop ako,” she shared. 

    It did not happen for her until there was a health issue in their family back in 2017. Because of it, her husband thought that it would be better to try a selection of viands that are easy-cooked meals that they can turn vegan.

    “So parang iyon ‘yung naging motivation ko. So after noon, nagtuloy-tuloy na siya pero ano talaga siya — nagmindsetting talaga ako,” she said. 

    After a few years, they eventually found themselves in the business of serving other people with comfort food as well.

    Zof’s Advice to Others Who Are Still Skeptical About Going Vegan

    Zof knows well that there are still people who are skeptical and hesitant about the idea of going full vegan. 

    “Try niyo lang. There’s a movement diba, iyong Meat-free Mondays, so if sa tingin mo hindi mo pa kaya sa buong linggo or ‘di mo kaya agad-agad, just try sabihin natin every Monday, or every lunch. Order kayo sa Gulay Lang baka mapabago namin iyong isip niyo. So just try it and do it gradually and be kind to yourself.”

    Another thing she mentioned was about educating oneself through videos and documentaries showcasing the plant-based vegan lifestyle. Something that actually worked for her as well. 

    Ako rin nakatulong sa akin iyong nagstart ako ulit iyong What The Health, iyon talaga nagpush sa akin na. okay, I can do this, parang ganun. Ta’s kahit sa Instagram, nilinis ko iyong feed ko. Lahat ng finofollow ko vegan food, so iyon. May bahangi talaga iyong mindsetting,” she insisted.

    She continued by saying that baby steps are the way to go on this journey. You may have times wherein you are craving it, and that’s okay for as long as you get back to it. Eventually, you will find yourself rejecting the smell, texture, and even texture of meat. 

    Being a vegetarian is not only for you but also for the planet, too. 

    Gulay Lang PH is a plant-based, vegan food delivery business that aims to serve everyone affordable vegan food. 

    Check them out on Facebook at Gulay Lang or

    Watch our full interview with Zofia Leal of Gulay Lang PH here.

    And learn more about Healthy Eating here.


    Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

    Medically reviewed by

    Mae Charisse Antalan, MD

    General Practitioner

    Written by Fiel Tugade · Updated Aug 30, 2022

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