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BTS Diet - Should We “Stan” or Stay Away?

Expertly reviewed by Chris Icamen · Dietetics and Nutrition

Written by Stephanie Nera, RPh, PharmD · Updated Feb 13, 2022

    BTS Diet - Should We “Stan” or Stay Away?

    Even if you are not an avid listener to Korean pop (K-pop) music, there is no doubt that you have heard of BTS at least once in your life. Breaking barriers not only on the Korean stage, the boys of “Bangtan Sonyeondan” (BTS) have reached new heights on the global charts. The group has a loyal fan base of “Armies” who stay up-to-date with each member’s life happenings. What are the BTS diet secrets? And should you try them?

    Read on to find out how much “Blood, Sweat & Tears” these boys shed to look “Dynamite” on stage.

    BTS Diet Secrets

    Jimin’s Diet

    BTS diet
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    Out of all the BTS diet news, Park Ji-min or Jimin’s diet and weight-loss are talked about the most. In the past, Jimin revealed that he felt immense pressure to improve his image for the group’s song Blood, Sweat & Tears. He admitted to not being satisfied with how he saw himself in the mirror and turned to extreme dieting to lose weight.

    Jimin’s secret? He only ate one meal a day for ten days.

    This diet is also known as OMAD, which is one variation of intermittent fasting. In order to lose weight on any diet, the number of calories taken in should always be less than the calories burned per day. This is called calorie restriction.

    While OMAD and intermittent fasting do not necessarily require calorie restriction, limiting yourself to eating within a short window period often results in limited calorie intake. For example, it would be hard to eat a day’s worth of calories in a single meal.

    Interested in OMAD for yourself? Learn more about it here:

    Jin’s Diet

    BTS Diet
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    Jin is another one of the members of BTS that went to extreme lengths to stay slim. As the group’s main visual, a lot of focus is placed on him during appearances and performances. While guesting in a Korean talk show in 2017, Jin revealed that he ate only four pieces of chicken breasts per day for almost one year.

    According to him, doctors advised him to take vitamins while on this diet to make up for the gaps in nutrition. However, Jin did not take any supplements and eventually became malnourished.

    Read more about the importance of macros here.

    Jungkook’s Diet

    BTS diet
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    Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS and the main vocalist. Aside from his golden voice, this singer is also well known for his chiseled physique. How does he achieve his six-pack abs? Like many other celebrities around the world, Jungkook adheres to a strict diet and exercise regimen.

    Instead of resorting to crash diets, Jungkook focuses hit “BTS diet” on eating the right portions and keeping his meals balanced. This is extremely important for building muscle and keeping body fat at bay. He skips junk food and empty calories while sticking to healthier Korean dishes, such as kimchi, bulgogi beef, and steamed rice.

    However, for the group’s latest single, “Butter”, the singer admitted to only drinking water for five days leading up to the shooting of the music video. This type of diet is called water fasting.

    Similar to other types of fasting diets, benefits include increased fat burning, improved blood sugar control, and anti-aging effects. However, negative effects include:

    • Sleep disturbances
    • Mood changes (e.g. irritability)
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle weakness
    • Bad breath
    • Changes in digestion and bowel patterns

    While difficult to do for many people, periodic fasting is actually healthy overall when done properly. Before making any major changes in your diet or exercise routine inspired by the BTS diet or other idols, consult your doctor for approval. Certain groups of people should not try fasting, including adolescents, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and those with a history of eating disorders.

    Risks of Extreme Dieting


    After dropping several pounds in a short period of time, netizens praised Jimin for his new look. However, fans and other members of BTS became worried for his health.

    According to reports, his diet made him fatigued and he fainted several times during dance rehearsals. Since then, Jimin has stuck to a healthier diet and stated that he would never do his infamous diet again.

    Slower metabolism

    Our bodies are built to adapt to changes and maintain homeostasis (balance). When we diet and exercise, we push our bodies to burn more calories and kick our metabolism into high gear. However, we can’t stay in overdrive forever.

    At some point, our bodies adjust to lower calorie intake by slowing down its metabolism. Many people refer to this as “starvation mode”. This is when the body switches from fat and calorie-burning to storage and energy saving.

    While experts still debate whether starvation mode while dieting is true or just a myth, long-term starvation does lead to malnutrition, muscle wasting, organ damage, and a weakened immune system.

    Eating disorders

    Lastly, extreme dieting may be a sign of something more serious. Dieting alone does not equate to an eating disorder but studies have shown that it is a major indicator of developing one.

    Children and teenagers often feel pressured by their peers and the media to look a certain way. Because their bodies and minds are still growing and impressionable, restrictive diets and a lack of nutrients can negatively affect adolescent development. Eating disorders are complicated because there are both mental and physical factors at play. 

    Key Takeaways

    In summary, the boys of BTS have definitely topped the charts and won over many hearts. But this popularity definitely places immense pressure on the members. Busy schedules, rigorous training, and constantly being in the public eye can make eating healthy difficult for anyone. Some of the BTS diet secrets can help people lose weight fast, however, extreme dieting can be dangerous and unsustainable in the long run.

    So, put on your favorite BTS playlist and LOVE YOURSELF by eating balanced meals and exercising regularly to BTS bops. We leave you with their biggest hit to date:

    What do you think about the BTS diet? Let us know in the comments!

    Learn more healthy eating tips here


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    Expertly reviewed by

    Chris Icamen

    Dietetics and Nutrition

    Written by Stephanie Nera, RPh, PharmD · Updated Feb 13, 2022

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