Healthy Ways To Lessen Carbohydrates For Weight Loss

    Healthy Ways To Lessen Carbohydrates For Weight Loss

    Since eating can be a social occasion that we can’t avoid, it’s going to be a challenge for most people to avoid carbohydrates (especially since rice is a staple food in most Asian countries). But how does eating less carbs help you lose fat?

    It can be difficult to resist these sources of carbohydrates. So how do we break this cycle and finally get the healthy body that we’ve all been striving for? Does eating less carbs help you lose fat?

    Does Eating Less Carbs Help You Lose Fat?

    Breaking The Habit

    In most Asian countries, the majority of our calorie intake comes from rice.

    Although there’s nothing wrong with a highly nutritious and easily digestible grain as a staple food, it’s still teeming with carbohydrates.

    So does eating less carbs help you lose fat? Yes, but you do not have to cut it out from your diet completely for weight loss.

    If we’re going to break the cycle of our craving for carbohydrates – especially rice – we will need to substitute it with other healthier sources of calories1.

    Abstaining from a certain group of food can result in the lack of certain nutrients on your body, having an appropriate alternative to your diet can help remedy this.

    How to Lessen Carbohydrates for Weight Loss and Overall Health

    Cut Back on Starchy Food

    By burning more calories than we consume, we will be able to lose weight.

    Some of the best substitutes come in the form of high-protein food or fruits and vegetables2 3.

    A simple meal of grilled chicken with some steamed vegetables on the side is an ideal lunch, while having some fish, fruits, and maybe some leafy vegetables can make for a great dinner.

    Each person’s body is unique in their own way. Your metabolism and how your body works is completely different from the person that might be right next to you.

    We all can have our own pace in minimizing our calorie intake and that’s completely fine.

    Lessen Sugars in Your Diet

    Cutting back on sugary treats is one of the best ways of reducing weight gain. This might be easier said than done especially when we have co-workers or friends offering us chocolate and candy during break time.

    Simple changes, like lessening sugar in your milk tea, can already make a big difference.

    Add Some Healthy Fats To The Mix

    Contrary to what most people say, certain high-fat foods do not trigger the release of insulin, which can keep our blood sugar stable.

    However, a bit of fat is essential to our dietary needs so it is recommended not to rule it out. Examples of healthy fats are avocado, olive oil, or fatty fish, like salmon.

    Stick to a Long-Term Diet

    Starting out on diets might be one of the most difficult parts of the process, but we have to also keep in mind the long-term part of our diet. What are some key practices that we have to exercise every day?

    Increase Vegetable Intake

    Not only will we have to remove starch from our dish, but we’ll also need to remove any breading and gravy on our meat/fish. The best course of action is to substitute our low-quality starchy carbs with low-carb vegetables.

    Key Takeaways

    Lessening carbohydrates can be quite challenging, but taking it a day at a time and making constant, healthy choices can make things easier.

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