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5 Local Groups That Empower and Support Women

Medically reviewed by Janie-Vi Villamor Ismael-Gorospe, MD · General Practitioner

Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated Jul 14, 2022

5 Local Groups That Empower and Support Women

We aim for the day when our world is gender-equal, where we celebrate differences instead of having biases, discriminarion, and stereotypes. Until we can reach that point, however, we can only pursue our passion with grace and determination and seek support when we need to. If you want to #BreakTheBias, get the encouragement you need and empower others, joining a support group for women is the way to go. 

The Importance of Joining Support Groups

Support groups bring people who have similar circumstances together. When you’re a part of a support group, you can share your frustrations, happiness, and questions with the other members. And just as they can provide support, you, too, can do the same. 

Being in a support group has the following benefits:

If you’re looking for a support group for women that can empower you – or help you empower others – consider joining these groups:

Volunteer at SPARK! Philippines

SPARK!, or Samahan ng mga Pilipina para sa Reporma at Kaunlaran, is an SEC-registered NGO composed of advocates for the empowerment of women. It is founded by women champions committed to the nationwide development and inclusivity of women, LGBTQ+ and other marginalized sectors.

SPARK! promotes gender and development (training and workshops), women’s economic empowerment, girls’ rights and education, and advocacies and communications.  

Learn more about SPARK! By visiting their website: You can also like their Facebook Page: @SparkPhilippinesInc

Donate to The Foundation Foundation Philippines

The Foundation Foundation-Philippines is a Christian volunteer group of beauty enthusiasts with the goal of helping victims of sex trafficking through makeup. They aim to empower people by promoting self-love and self-care. To help people feel beautiful, the volunteers provide care kits, which usually consist of hygiene items and makeup. On top of that, they also conduct makeup tutorials.

Due to the pandemic, the donation drives and other projects have been paused, but you can still check out their Facebook page: @thefoundationfoundationph, and their Instagram, @thefoundationfoundationph. You can also reach them through their email at [email protected]

Join Lean In PH

True to its name, Lean In is a support group for women that you can lean on to attain your goals. The founders and members aim to empower women and encourage them to pursue their dreams through workshops, events, talks, and meetups. 

Whatever your aspirations are, be it to become a leader of an organization, freelancer, businesswoman, or to raise healthy, well-rounded kids, you can join Lean In PH. 

Get in touch by liking their Facebook page: @leaninmanila and joining their Facebok group, @leaninph

#StandStrong with Strong Women PH

If you’re looking for a safe space after being in a toxic relationship, consider joining Strong Women PH. 

This support group for women with over 22,000 members encourages women to share their stories, experiences, and struggles. Members can also offer advice and support. 

Interested? Here’s their Facebook group: @groups/320871048630879/

Empowered Women PH

Do you need help in strengthening your mental ability? Perhaps, having emotional support would help you thrive more? 

If yes, then you might be interested to join Empowered Women PH. Their advocacy is to help empower women and provide a “safe haven for those who are in need of emotional support” and “help them rebuild mental strength.”

You can join their group here: 


Of course, if you want to join groups with a specific cause, don’t hesitate to search online. 

For instance, if you want to join a parenting community, you can join our community here. Likewise, you can consider checking out the following parenting groups. You can also look for communities about specific conditions for women, like PCOS, breast cancer, or osteoporosis. 

Finally, remember that when things get overwhelming, consulting a healthcare professional is the best course of action. Besides assessing and treating your condition, they will also help connect you with an appropriate support group for women. 

Learn more about Women’s Health here


Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Medically reviewed by

Janie-Vi Villamor Ismael-Gorospe, MD

General Practitioner

Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated Jul 14, 2022

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