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Week 28 of Pregnancy: All You Need to Know

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Week 28 of Pregnancy: All You Need to Know

Baby Development

How is my baby growing?

The 28th week of pregnancy is a very significant period. It marks several milestones that you should know about. This article will give you a good idea of what to expect during this time.

The 28th week of pregnancy will mark significant changes with your baby. If your baby opened his eyes last week, then he is now able to recognize a strong light. If you shine a light on your belly, your baby may even turn away from the light.

A baby’s brain waves on the 28th week of pregnancy will show reactions to the sounds that are going on around him. Yes, your baby can already hear, while he is still in your belly. So you might want to listen to some very soothing music, while you rest. The little one can enjoy it, too.

The brain waves measured during this period will also show that there is significant activity happening during sleeping and waking hours. This means that your baby is adapting to normal sleep cycles, and this will become more pronounced as your due date gets closer.

Here are the other major developments that your baby will undergo on your 28th week of pregnancy:

  • Your baby’s respiratory system is developing quickly at this stage. The lungs and other parts of the system must be ready for that first breath of oxygen. Your baby’s body is also manufacturing surfactant at this stage. This material prevents the air sac from sticking to each other, which in turn will allow the baby to breathe properly.
  • The bronchial tubes of your baby are starting to mature as they divide into smaller branches.
  • Your baby will start to experience rapid eye movement (REM) at this stage. That means that he is dreaming, and for sure, he must be dreaming of mommy!
  • Your baby should be around 37 cm long by now when measured from the top of the head to heel.
  • Your baby can make faces by now! He also occasionally sticks out his tongue. Scientists believe that this is to test the amniotic fluid.
  • Another exciting development is that the baby will now have eyelashes.
  • Inside the womb, the baby’s skin is covered with vernix caseosa, a red, waxy substance that works as a protective film. It is believed to have anti-infective, waterproofing properties.

These are just some of the developments on the 28th week of pregnancy. He’s making a great deal of progress and cannot wait to see your face.

Body & Life Changes

How is my body changing?

Your due date is getting nearer. Your body will ramp up its preparation for giving birth. These are some of the symptoms and changes that your body will undergo during this period:

  • Stretch marks will start to appear on different parts of your body. Experts agree that there is not much that you can do regarding stretch marks, although you can apply creams to the affected areas to reduce the effects.
  • Because your belly is growing, your center of gravity will shift. Your joints will have loosened as well in preparation for birth, so you may notice that you lose your balance quite easily.
  • You may start to experience Sciatica or tingling leg pain during this period. This is caused by your baby shifting and hitting your Sciatic nerve. The pain can go away if your baby shifts, but it may stay and become intense.
  • You may experience scattered Braxton Hicks contractions, which is the hardening and relaxing of the uterus.
  • You may notice that you are urinating more frequently as the uterus continues to push on the bladder.

There will be a lot of changes happening to your body by the 28th week of pregnancy. But stay calm and enjoy the journey.

What should I be concerned about?

By the 28th week of pregnancy, it is recommended that you know your rhesus (Rh) status. Consult your doctor regarding this. If your status does not match with that of your baby, you will need an injection.

The changes your body undergoes at this time may make your breast feel like it has lumps. Finding a lump on your breast during pregnancy is normally not a cause for concern. Additionally, developing breast cancer during pregnancy is very rare.

Your Doctor Visits

What should I tell my doctor?

Schedule regular checkups with your doctor throughout the entire duration of your pregnancy. This when you must be given an Rh immune globulin shot if needed.

During this time, the doctor can check if your baby is in the preferred position for delivery, which is head down. However, there is no need to worry if your baby is not in the position yet.

Health & Safety

As you get closer to your due date, continue to eat foods that are rich in iron. Your body is going to need it in order to sustain the growth and development of your child.

In addition, it is advisable that by the 28th week of pregnancy you start researching and participating in childbirth classes. These classes can help you get ready for giving birth.

The 28th week of pregnancy is a time for a lot of changes – for you and your baby. What is important is that you are properly armed with all of the information that you need to stay healthy during this period.

Hello Health Group does not offer any advice, diagnosis, or medical treatment.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Written by Kip Soliva Updated May 08, 2020
Medically reviewed by Jobelle Ann Dela Cruz Bigalbal, M.D.