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Best Parenting Tips for Raising Teenagers

Best Parenting Tips for Raising Teenagers

From infant to toddler to adolescence, parenting is a never-ending life game. From a child’s physical health to psychological stability, parents are always on their toes. And when we are speaking about emotional and psychological behavior, the teen phase is one of the most important ones. Read to know effective parenting tips for raising teenagers.

What Are The Teen Years?

A teenager or a teen are those between 13-19 years old. Typically, during this period, teens experience many changes, both physically and psychologically. As a parent, you need to ensure your parenting style makes your teen feel comfortable and at ease. The manner in which you treat your teen children will affect their behavior and your family dynamics.

Your parenting skills play a great role in molding your teenager’s future and helping them grow into good and kind human beings. Let’s look at some of these essential parenting tips which can help you nurture a beautiful bond between you and your growing teenager.

Parenting Tips for Raising Teenagers

1. Spend Special Time With Your Teenagers

As children grow up, they would want more alone time. You should let them have it. But at the same time, inculcate a habit of having a dedicated family time. Spend some time with your children in a way which they enjoy the most. An adventure theme park, going out for dinners, trips, or day picnics are all fun ways to not just spend time with your teen kids, but also a good way to understand their behavior and nature. This will help your teen kids experience the special bond and care a family shares which is incomparable to any other relationship.

2. Respect Your Children

Teenagers tend to be boastful. They may try to push their parents’ buttons by acting in unintentional disregarding ways. In such situations, it is advisable for you to keep your calm, show your kids respect and spend some time talking to them.

Teenagers reciprocate the same way they’re treated. When they see you behaving and speaking in a good manner, they will be more likely to respond in a similar fashion. This will also help them learn mannerisms to respect elders and other person.

3. Try the Indirect Approach

When it comes to raising teenagers, when you try to control your children by asking them too many questions about their daily activities, their school, or their friends, they will feel that they are under some serious supervision.

If they start feeling annoyed with this, take the indirect approach. You may politely ask them, “How are you feeling today?” or “How was your day?” If they want to share, they will. If they are not comfortable sharing at the moment, give them some time off. Once they are feeling better, they might start conversations with you on their own.

4. Set Reasonable Expectations From Teenagers

Instead of setting high expectations such as high scores or admission to top universities, you should focus on grooming your teens to become a kind, considerate, respectful, and honest person.

Encourage them to pursue their hobbies or passion and support them to excel in them. Every kid has a different talent. Expecting your kid to be like other kids or if you compare their behavior or personality with others, you are only going to push your teen away from you. Be supportive and let your teenager live without any pressure.

5. Praise Your Teenagers for Their Good Behavior

Everyone loves appreciation and recognition – whether as an adult or a teenager. Praise your teen no matter how small or big their achievement has been. Appreciate them for any small kind gesture they show – whether it’s helping their friends in studies or helping elders. Such encouragement is going to help them do more kind acts.

Raising Teenagers: Be Supportive, Not Controlling

Raising teenagers is a difficult task and the teenage phase is a delicate period. Teens have infinite dreams, wishes, aspirations, and a desire for independence.

Refrain from punishing them if they have made mistake, returned home late from a party, or you’ve caught them indulging in an unpleasant act. Instead, sit with them and talk calmly, explaining the implications and consequences of their action.

Your words and actions should communicate care, love, and affection. Because a teen needs that the most. Give them the freedom they ask for, tell them you trust them, and give them the space to grow, while being supportive and giving them guidance. At the same time, explain to them the importance of honesty, discipline, and other values.

Being overly strict or controlling may lead your teens to turn into rebellious adults. Let them learn on their own while supporting them whenever they need you!

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Written by Nikita Bhalla Updated Sep 28, 2021
Fact Checked by Kristel Dacumos-Lagorza