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Sleeping Naked at Night: Beneficial or Not?

Sleeping Naked at Night: Beneficial or Not?

Most people prefer to wear comfortable clothes like loose t-shirts, shorts, pajamas or anything that feels great in bed. However, doctors believe the best way to sleep along with receiving all health benefits is by sleeping naked. Studies prove that sleeping without clothes or wearing just inner wears has potential health benefits. In this article, you will read all the health benefits that you may receive by sleeping naked. Also, read tips on how to sleep naked peacefully to gain maximum benefits.

Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Here is the list of benefits that you will receive by sleeping naked:

Improves Sleep Quality

Sleeping with a bared body not only helps you fall asleep faster but also improves the quality of the sleep. Health experts suggest the ideal room temperature of your bedroom should be around 15 to 19 degrees (60-67 F). If the room is too hot or too cool, you risk affecting your rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is the dream phase of sleep, helping to refresh physically and mentally.

Manages Anxiety And Stress

As sleeping naked helps one fall asleep faster, it can also help reduce anxiety and stress. Some studies prove that insomnia and stress are linked to each other. So poor sleep leads to increased stress levels and chronic stress leads to insomnia. Another study proves poor sleep is linked to increased suicidal risks and depression.

Sleeping Naked Prevents Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases

Studies prove that poor sleep can increase the risks of diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. A study carried on 1,455 people for over six years found a connection between increased diabetes risks and lower sleep duration. Also, the study found that lower sleep further increases the risks of heart diseases.

Boosts Male Fertility

A study conducted on 656 males who slept wearing tight underwear found showed that the men had a lower sperm count. However, men who wore boxers saw higher total sperm count and concentration. However, sleeping naked helps testicles to stay cool and produce healthy sperm. Also, some experts believe healthy sleep can help testosterone production, leading to healthier sex life.

Enhances Relationships

While sex helps boost relationships, sleeping naked is the best way to enhance a relationship. According to a study, adults release oxytocin when they are in skin-to-skin contact. Oxytocin hormone plays a key role in building attachment between couples and strengthens a relationship. Thus, sleeping naked with your partner is a fabulous way to enhance a relationship.

Sleeping Naked Boosts Skin Health

Because sleep naked enhances sleep quality, it also boosts skin health.

A study looked at whether poor sleep can affect the skin’s ability to heal from small wounds. The study was conducted on participants who were divided into 3 groups. Group one had people who were sleep-deprived, group two had individuals who were sleep deprived but received extra nutrients, and group three had people who got adequate sleep.

The study concluded in favour of the group that slept well. Therefore, adequate sleep helps to improve skin health and sleeping naked helps your skin in many ways.

Prevents Weight Gain

There are studies that prove the link between poor sleeping quality and obesity. Another study carried on 21,000 people for approximately three years and found a possible connection between weight gain and sleep. The study concluded that people whose sleep duration is less than five hours were more likely to gain weight. However, as sleeping naked enhances sleep quality, it boosts the body’s calorie-burning abilities. A study on five men found that sleeping in a cooler temperature, approximately 19-degree Celcius (66°F) helped increase brown fat activity in the body.

Boosts Vaginal Health

Sleeping naked can help women to enhance their vaginal health and prevent yeast infections. Tight underwears can risk the chances of vaginal yeast infection. Studies prove that yeast infection is likely to develop in moist and warm places. Therefore, to prevent yeast infection and boost vaginal health, it is best to sleep naked.

Increases Self-Esteem

Health experts believe sleeping naked is the best way to understand your body and boost your self-esteem. According to a study, spending time being naked helped people to improve their overall body image and self-esteem. This is beneficial as it can boost self-care and self-love in people.

These are the best benefits that you can experience while sleeping naked.

But do you still have a few doubts about how to sleep naked? The below section has a few tips that can guide you properly.

Tips for Sleeping Naked

If people are uncomfortable to sleep due to some reason, they can start sleeping in their inner wears with no shirt and pants.

The best way to make your naked sleeping more relaxing and peaceful is by choosing soft bedsheets. A light bedsheet can keep a person cool and comfortable, whereas hard and scratchy bedsheet may cause skin irritation.

To enhance your sleep, try taking a shower, preferably a hot water shower. But cold water can work too, depending on your choice. This can help to relax your body and enhance your mood.

Key Takeaways

Sleeping naked may not be comfortable for some of you in the beginning. But trying this out may pay off with great rewards. During bedtime, try sleeping with your inner wears which are not too tight. This helps you to sleep peacefully and without irritation. It’s worth trying as sleeping naked not only helps you fall asleep faster but also improves your sleep quality.

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