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5 Easy-to-Make Healthy Smoothies for Detox

Expertly reviewed by Chris Icamen · Dietetics and Nutrition

Written by Nikita Bhalla · Updated Mar 08, 2022

    5 Easy-to-Make Healthy Smoothies for Detox

    Healthy smoothies for detox have, over the years, become the go-to food for health enthusiasts, and we can’t agree more. The quick and easy-to-make recipes are prepared using fruits and vegetables, and are ready in just a few minutes. Detoxification involves setting aside time, experts recommend at least once a week, to ridding your body of any toxic or unhealthy substances. This is where healthy meals, like healthy smoothie recipes, come in.

    Keep in mind that not all smoothies are healthy as few are loaded with a lot of sugar and calories and will only make you gain weight. Healthy smoothies can also be enjoyed as a breakfast or as a snack.

    Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Detoxification

    The easy-to-make recipes can be prepared in no more than 15 minutes. The drinks are loaded with the goodness of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and a lot of other nutrients. Isn’t it one of the amazing ways to flush out toxins from the body and lose those extra calories?

    Stock up on fruits, vegetables, and nuts in your pantry and you are sorted. The best part is you can customise the recipes with the available ingredients in your kitchen and as per your taste buds.

    Here we bring to you 5 easy peasy healthy smoothies for detox:

    Strawberry Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Detox

    The strawberry smoothie recipe is loaded with fiber and protein. The four-ingredient recipe is healthy and nutritious, and can be prepared in just 10 minutes. Enjoy the smoothie as a snack or breakfast.


    •       Strawberries
    •       Banana
    •       Greek yoghurt
    •       Orange Juice


    •       The recipe is simple and quick. All you need to do is mix all the ingredients and blend it well.
    •       Make it into a smooth paste.
    •       Make sure you use no added sugar.

    You can even make your healthy smoothies for detox interesting by adding the following add-ins:

    •       Chia seeds
    •       Flax seeds
    •       Cashews
    •       Almonds
    •       Walnuts

    Health benefits of strawberry

    • Strawberries are superfruit loaded with vitamins, fibre, antioxidants, potassium, and magnesium. It is a great source of vitamin C.
    • Lowers blood pressure.
    • It helps to promote healthy eyesight.
    • Strawberries are low on the glycemic index and hence help to regulate blood sugar levels.
    • It also has immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Healthy Smoothie recipes

    Superfruit Healthy Smoothie Recipes

    On the list of healthy smoothie recipes is this unique, tart treat. Did you know that cherries pair perfectly with kiwi and almond milk? Read on to learn more.


  •       Cherries
  •       Kiwi, peeled and chopped (reserve 2 slices for garnish)
  •       1 cup almond milk
  •       Chia seeds
  • Recipe:

    •       Peel and slice kiwi.
    •       Combine all the ingredients and blend it well.
    •       Make it into a smooth paste.
    •       Garnish the smoothie with nuts.
    •       Serve the healthy smoothie chilled.

    Health benefits of chia seeds

    • Chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants that help to fight against the production of free radicals.
    •  Chia seeds are rich in fibre and help to prevent constipation.

    Health benefits of kiwi

    • The green sweet and tangy fruit is power-packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, and potassium.
    • The fruit is also a great source of fibre.
    • It is rich in antioxidants.

    Pineapple Banana Healthy Smoothie Recipes

    One of the most delicious and nutrient-packed healthy smoothie recipes makes use of two tropical favorites: pineapples and bananas.


    •       Green apple
    •       Pineapple chunks
    •       Banana
    •       Orange juice
    •       Ginger
    •       Spinach
    •       Cilantro


    • Mix all the ingredients and blend them into a smooth paste.
    • Add orange juice as per your required consistency.
    • Serve this healthy smoothie chilled.

    Health benefits of pineapple

    • Pineapple is a fruit that is low in calories and rich in vitamin C and manganese.
    • The fruit also contains phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A and K in generous amounts.
    • The fruit is loaded with healthy antioxidants known as flavonoids and phenolic acids.
    • Pineapple also contains bromelain that aids digestion.
    • It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to boost the immune system.
    • The fruit also helps to reduce inflammation, swelling, and bruising.

    Health benefits of banana

    • Bananas are a rich source of vitamin B6 that comes with multiple health benefits. It helps your body to metabolise amino acids, maintain a good nervous system, produce red blood cells, eliminate unwanted chemicals from your liver and kidneys, and metabolise carbohydrates.
    • Bananas are also rich in vitamin C that helps to produce collagen and support brain health. The vitamin C in bananas helps to produce a hormone called serotonin that helps to have a good sleep cycle and eliminate stress and pain.
    •  The potassium present in bananas helps to maintain good heart health and maintain blood pressure.
    • The fruit is also beneficial in beating gastrointestinal issues and aids digestion.

    Lemon Turmeric Healthy Smoothie Recipes

    On their own, lemon and turmeric promise a wide array of health benefits. And so when brought together, they make up one of the best healthy smoothie recipes.


    •       Lemon
    •       Ground Turmeric 
    •       Ground Ginger
    •       Pepper
    •       Cinnamon
    •       Water


    • Peel ginger and grind it into a smooth paste.
    • Take a glass of water.
    •  Add lemon juice, turmeric, ginger, pepper, and cinnamon.
    •  Serve this detox smoothie chilled.

    Health benefits of turmeric

    •  Turmeric comprises curcumin, a substance that is packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
    •  Curcumin helps to boost the levels of a brain hormone called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). The hormone is essential in producing new neurons and eliminates other degenerative processes in your brain.
    •  Curcumin also helps to lower the risk of heart disease.
    •  It is also beneficial in prevention as well as in the treatment of cancer.

    Health benefits of lemon

    •  Lemon juice helps to prevent kidney stones.
    •  Lemons are rich in citric acid and vitamin C. This helps to prevent anaemia and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.
    •  The polyphenol antioxidants present in lemons are beneficial in weight loss.
    •  The vitamin C present in lemon helps to reduce skin wrinkles, dry skin, and damage caused by the sun.
    •  Lemon water when consumed daily helps to aid digestion. It also helps to prevent constipation.

    Green Detox Healthy Smoothie Recipes


    •       Unsweetened almond milk
    •       Spinach
    •       Kale
    •       Banana
    •       Almond butter
    •       Chia seeds
    •       Honey


    •  Chop spinach and kale into fine pieces.
    •  Blend all the ingredients until smooth.
    •  Pour the healthy smoothie in a glass and serve chilled.

    Health benefits of spinach

    • Spinach is a rich source of carbohydrates. It also contains sugar in small amounts.
    • The vegetable is rich in fibre that helps to prevent constipation.
    • Spinach is a rich source of vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, C and K1, folic acid, iron, and calcium.
    •  It also contains nitrates in high amounts that help to maintain blood pressure levels and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

    Health benefits of kale

    • Kale is low in calories and rich in nutrients.
    • The vegetable is packed with powerful antioxidants including quercetin and kaempferol. It is known for having antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties.
    • Kale helps to lower cholesterol level and reduce the risk of heart disease.

    These healthy smoothies will come in super handy if you are on detox or a weight loss plan. However, do not forget to get in touch with your dietitian or doctor to clear any queries. Do not add the leafy greens or fruits/vegetables to your smoothie if you are allergic to them.

    Learn more about maintaining good nutrition here.


    Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

    Expertly reviewed by

    Chris Icamen

    Dietetics and Nutrition

    Written by Nikita Bhalla · Updated Mar 08, 2022

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