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5 Simple Detox Drinks for Weight Loss

    5 Simple Detox Drinks for Weight Loss

    Detox drinks are said to boost overall health and promote weight loss. Since detox drinks comprise of fruits and vegetables, it helps to increase the energy level without increasing the calories.

    5 Detox Drinks to Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

    It is advised to include detox drinks as a part of your weight loss journey, but you must never completely depend on them. Detox drinks are said to flush out toxins from the body. Though there is no evidence that proves detox drinks help to lose weight, it is said that since the detox drinks have fewer calories, it does help to lose weight. It is always advised to talk to your doctor before you have detox drinks for weight loss.

    1. Cucumber tomato detox drink for weight loss


    • Tomato
    • Cucumber
    • Peppermint leaves


    • Take fresh tomato and cucumber.
    • Cut them into pieces.
    • Blend the pieces of cucumber and tomato in a juicer.
    • Take a glass, pour the juice in it.
    • Take peppermint leaves and chop them finely.
    • Add chopped leaves in the juice and stir well.
    • Garnish the juice with more peppermint leaves.

    Health benefits of cucumber

    • Cucumber is power-packed with vitamins and minerals. It is low in calories and contains water in a large amount.
    • It comprises flavonoids and tannins, both are antioxidants that help to prevent the risk of chronic illness.
    • As mentioned earlier, cucumber contains water in a large amount. Hence it helps in hydration.
    • It is also said to prevent complications caused by diabetes.
    • It is versatile and can be easily incorporated in any meal, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

    Health benefits of peppermint

    • Peppermint oil helps to release tension in the digestive muscles and prevent digestive issues such as bloating and indigestion.
    • Consuming peppermint tea helps to relieve nasal congestion.
    • It is also said that consuming peppermint tea before going to bed helps to sleep better.
    • Including peppermint in your diet is easy.

    2. Carrot detox drink for weight loss


    • Carrot
    • Salt
    • Water
    • Black pepper
    • Fruits (as per the availability)


    • Chop carrots and fruits into small pieces.
    • Blend the carrots and fruits.
    • Pour the juice in a glass.
    • Add salt and black pepper as required.
    • Stir well and serve.

    Health benefits of carrot

    • Carrots have less amount of fat and protein.
    • It is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin K.
    • It is low in calories and hence it is effective in weight loss.
    • Consuming carrots regularly helps to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.
    • It is also said to improve eye health.

    3. Beetroot detox drink for weight loss


    • Beetroot
    • Peppermint leaves
    • Salt
    • Black pepper
    • Water


    • Chop the beetroot into pieces.
    • Blend it into a paste.
    • Add water as required.
    • Salt and black pepper, to taste
    • Add finely chopped peppermint leaves.
    • Stir well.
    • Garnish the drink with peppermint leaves.

    Health benefits of beetroot

    • The best part of beetroot is it comprises 87 per cent water. It has less than 60 calories.
    • It is a rich source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
    • Consuming carrots on a regular basis helps to prevent heart disease and premature death.
    • It is also known to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart ailments and other health conditions.

    4. Lemon cucumber detox drink for weight loss


    • Lemon
    • Cucumber
    • Peppermint leaves
    • Salt
    • Black pepper
    • Water


    • Cut a cucumber into pieces.
    • Grind the pieces of cucumber.
    • Pour the drink in a glass.
    • Add lemon juice in it.
    • Cut peppermint leaves into fine pieces and add it to the juice.
    • Add salt and black pepper as required.
    • Stir the juice well.

    Health benefits of lemon

    • Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C.
    • It is also said consuming lemons regularly helps to prevent asthma attacks.
    • It is rich in antioxidants, hence is beneficial to improve the immune system.
    • Consuming lemon in your diet is easy. You can consume it in juice, salads, and marination.

    5. Green detox drink for weight loss


    • Carrots
    • Beetroots
    • Cabbage
    • Celery stalks
    • Garlic
    • Spinach
    • Salt
    • Black pepper
    • Water


    • Take all the vegetables listed above and chop them into fine pieces.
    • Blend all the vegetables well.
    • Pour it into a glass.
    • Add water as required.
    • Salt and pepper, to taste
    • Stir well.

    Health benefits of spinach

    • Spinach is a rich source of insoluble fiber, which helps in boosting overall health.
    • The leafy vegetable is low in carbohydrates that make it a superfood to include in your diet.
    • It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, iron, folic acid, calcium, and carotenoids.
    • Spinach is a rich source of zeaxanthin and lutein that helps to improve eye health.
    • It is a rich source of antioxidants that help to fight cancer.
    • The leafy vegetable helps to regulate blood pressure.

    Health benefits of black pepper

    • Black pepper is a common household spice available in every kitchen.
    • The spice has anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent a number of health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, etc.
    • It is helpful to regulate the blood sugar level.
    • The spice is said to reduce appetite and promote gut health.

    Tips for weight loss

    detox drinks

    Not just detox drinks, for losing weight in a healthy way, it is important to consume healthy food, follow a workout routine, drink plenty of water, and stay away from junk food. Here we list a few tips that will help in your weight loss journey.

    • Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water also helps in the weight loss journey. It is advised to consume half litre of water before every meal.
    • Drink green tea. Green tea is power-packed with antioxidants that help to burn fat. Consuming green tea in the morning aids in weight loss.
    • Avoid sugar. Consuming excess sugar can cause a number of health conditions. Even while buying readymade juice, make sure you read the ingredients carefully. There are several fruit juices available that are loaded with sugar.
    • Control the portions you eat and monitor your calories.
    • If you are looking for quick bites, eat fruits and nuts. Avoid consuming junk foods.
    • Consume food rich in fiber and proteins.
    • Sleep well. Lack of sleep is the reason behind a number of health conditions.

    These detox drinks for weight loss may work more effectively when combined with the above-mentioned weight loss tips. However, do not consume them in case of food allergies.

    Learn more about maintaining good nutrition here.


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