Growing Old Together: 4 Tips to Stay in a Happy and Healthy Relationship

    Growing Old Together: 4 Tips to Stay in a Happy and Healthy Relationship

    Everyone wants to be loved. For some, they may find love in the most unexpected time and place, be it in the workplace while sharing ideas with one another or through the same circle of friends chatting over their shared qualities. Some dive headfirst into love. while others take a more cautious route. But, as we age, we all seek the kind of love that will stay for the long haul. Building such a relationship requires more than just a mere show of affection for another person. Ahead, we’ve listed down some tips and tricks to growing old together — healthily and happily.

    Understanding What a Healthy Relationship Is

    Most of what people know about healthy and happy relationships stem from ideas based on romantic novels or movies. While it can be true for some, not all relationships are the same. Each one is unique of its own and reality may play it differently from how you envision it to be in your head. Or how you saw it in a couple you admire, at the very least. But, one thing remains true – everybody wants to have that kind of relationship people deem as “healthy.” Something that is not often directly stated in those books or films.

    More than saying the daily i-love-yous, a healthy relationship entails several things both persons need to take into account.

    It creates a meaningful emotional connection between two persons in such a way that they are not afraid to discuss their differences to understand the other person’s point of view.

    Consequently, they allow personal growth without limiting each other in mere restrictions.

    How Does Growing Old Together Look Like

    There are many ways in which couples can show how they work their way towards growing old together. Some of these might come in handy for you and your partner.

    Start with having open communication

    A healthy relationship relies heavily on communication. Healthy couples who communicate with each other on a regular basis are able to express themselves in an honest manner.

    Also, no one is perfect. So hearing him/her out and practicing genuine forgiveness for the person when misunderstandings arise can help you avoid further conflict and resentment.

    For married couples with children, it is critical to discuss more than just parenting and keeping the house in order. Before going to bed, share a thing or two that made you happy in the day. You may also spend some time discussing deeper and more intimate topics.

    Practice the art of listening

    Alongside open communication and expression, growing old together also warrants some form of active listening from both parties.

    When your partner is sharing their thoughts and feelings, do not just listen and wait for your turn to respond. Be present while they speak their mind to show them that you respect and value their stories.

    Listening requires an open heart and an open mind.

    Show some appreciation to your partner

    According to John Gottman, a relationship expert, happy couples have a ratio of 5 positive feelings and interactions to 1 negative contact or experience.

    Therefore suggesting that warmth and affection should be expressed between two people as often as they can.

    It could be as simple as praising your partner for their hard work, or surprising them by covering the daily chores at home. And while you are at it, you may also want to give them a massage after a long stressful day.

    The most basic emotional need of a person is to be acknowledged, and this will make them feel more fulfilled in their relationship. So, do not forget to say thank you to your partner who always makes sure you have a good coffee early in the morning.

    Spice things up and make things interesting

    Things can get bland and routine in the long run, but experts suggest that couples should shake things up by trying new things together.

    Whether it be going on trips, experimenting in the bedroom, taking classes together, or just simply going on movie dates and workout programs. Keeping things fun and interesting helps better sustain the relationship.

    Is It Always Rainbows and Butterflies?

    Unfortunately, happy ever afters do not always offer rainbows and butterflies. Simply put, there will always be some highs and lows in every relationship. But how deeply you’ve established your bond and formulated strategies to make things work is what helps you achieve your kind of a happy and healthy relationship down the road.

    Key Takeaways

    Love is what keeps most people alive, most especially when they know they have someone to dance through life with.

    Growing old together means building a foundation equipped with trust, open communication, boundaries, and appreciation that is meant to last a lifetime.

    Learn more about healthy relationships here.

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