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Growing Old Gracefully: 7 Tips To Become Ageless

Growing Old Gracefully: 7 Tips To Become Ageless

Growing old gracefully is not all about being physically fit and having a glowing complexion — it’s about living life to the fullest with a healthy body, mind, and spirit. You don’t need to wait until you’re in your 50s or 60s before you start thinking about aging beautifully. As early as now, consider forming the following daily habits to help you age like a fine wine.

1. Wear Sun Protection

Speaking of glowing skin, experts highlight that if there’s one thing your skin will thank you for in the future, it’s sun protection.

To reduce the risk of having dark spots or paper-thin, sagging, and leathery skin, consider wearing a moisturizer or lotion with a sun protection factor of at least 301. Also, please wear sunscreen even on days when the sun is not out. Unsure about which sunscreen is right for you? Get in touch with a dermatologist for guidance.

Finally, don’t forget that other measures, such as seeking shade and wearing appropriate clothing, also count as sun protection.

2. Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Growing old gracefully is possible if you choose to have a healthy and balanced diet daily.

Generally, a balanced diet means consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats, and dairy. Good portion control is also necessary.

As much as possible, limit your intake of processed meat and foods, alcohol, refined carbohydrates, and sugary drinks.

If you have an underlying health condition, talk to your doctor about the best diet for you. For instance, people with problems in their blood pressure may be advised to adopt the DASH or Mediterranean diet.

3. Get Moving

No matter how busy your days are, get moving. Regular exercise not only protects you from various diseases, but they also release happy hormones that lift your mood.

Usually, the aim is to have at least half an hour of moderate-intensity physical activity everyday. However, this may change depending on your fitness goal, overall health status, and preferences.

Do you have an existing health concern? If so, talk to your doctor first and allow them to help you formulate an appropriate workout plan.

4. Get Adequate Sleep

Discussing the tips in growing old gracefully will not be complete without covering adequate sleep.

Sleep deprivation is associated with numerous diseases, including increased risk for hypertension and heart diseases, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, being sleep deprived is linked to lower immunity2.

Each night, aim for 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep. Do you find it difficult to sleep? These tips might help.

5. Hydrate

Be honest: do you drink enough water daily? Hydration is a crucial part of being healthy, so daily, be sure to have plenty of water.

Experts say men need about 3.7 liters of water daily, while women need about 2.7 liters3.

6. Avoid or Stop Smoking

If you’re thinking about growing old gracefully, you must avoid or stop smoking.

Cigarette smoking is one of the deadliest habits a person can have. Not only does it cause aesthetic problems, such as stained teeth, dry skin, and baggy eyes4, but it is also a leading cause of preventable diseases, disabilities, and deaths across the globe. Many experts also refer to cigarettes as “cancer sticks” because smoking is a risk factor to many types of cancer.

In need of some tips to quit smoking? Consider these suggestions.

7. Mind Your Mental Health

Mental health is an important aspect of growing old gracefully. So, while stress is an indispensable part of life, you have to make sure your stress levels are in check. Chronic or long-term stress is associated with several diseases, significantly affecting the quality of life.

Before you experience a burnout, take a breather. When stressed, consider relaxation techniques. Set time for leisure activities, such as doing some hobbies or traveling. Spend time with your family and friends.

In case you have mental health concerns that affect your daily routine, such as anxiety and depression, please consult your doctor so your worries can be properly addressed.

Key Takeaways

These tips in growing old gracefully don’t require huge sums of money. Have a healthy and balanced diet, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep, avoid smoking, and wear sun protection. And of course, don’t neglect your mental health.

Learn more about Healthy Aging here.

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Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. Updated Oct 29
Fact Checked by Cesar Beltran