Benefits Of Walking: A Silver Lining Amid High Gas Prices

    Benefits Of Walking: A Silver Lining Amid High Gas Prices

    Gas prices have risen, and although fluctuations in the cost can be expected, this time it’s gone to astronomical heights. In fact, the country has experienced the 12th increase in gas prices this year. For those of us who travel by car, it’s a source of headaches and wallet aches. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. The increase in gas prices might just be what encourages us to discover the benefits of walking and other ways by which to get around. Here we will discuss the health advantages you might gain from walking – while saving a buck in the process.

    Walk to your workplace

    If you live closer to your workplace, walking to work might be one of the best things you can do for your health. Even if you don’t, walking short distances – perhaps on a grocery run – may have the same effect. This is likely true for any physical activity, but walking is the simplest way to achieve them.

    The benefits of walking

    Walking to your place of work or walking while running errands include the following advantages:

    • Fights weight-promoting genes: Researchers examined 32 obesity-promoting genes in 12,000 people to find out how they contributed to weight. Their findings showed that the effects of the genes decreased by half in people who walked for an hour a day.
    • Curbs sweet cravings: Studies have shown that a 15-minute walk reduced cravings for sweets. It was also associated with a drop in the amount of sugary foods that you eat in times of stress.
    • Lowers risk of breast cancer: Any physical activity helps lessen the risk of developing breast cancer, but the benefits of walking are far greater. A study found that women who walked at least 7 hours a week had a 14% lower risk of the disease than those who walked three hours or less each week. This is especially true for those with risk factors such as being overweight and using supplemental hormones.
    • Soothes joint pain: Evidence has shown that walking lessens pain due to arthritis, and can even prevent it from developing in the first place. Walking exercises the joints, particularly those that are prone to osteoarthritis, such as the hips and knees. The benefits of walking include lubrication of the joints and strengthening of the muscles.
    • Shores up immunity: It protects against colds and the flu. A study found that people who walked for at least 20 minutes per day for five days a week had 43% less sick days than those who exercised less often.

    Benefits of biking to work

    Walking isn’t the only way to get around, though. More and more people are opting to bike to work. Apart from minimizing your carbon footprint, biking has its own health benefits:

    • It is a low-impact exercise, causing less strain and injuries than other forms.
    • It works out major muscle groups of the body.
    • Biking does not require great physical skill; most people learn to ride bikes as children.
    • It increases strength, stamina, and aerobic fitness.
    • It injects fun into the exercise. While you bike, you have the option to go through scenic routes, engaging your mind and enjoying the outdoors

    Other benefits include increased heart health, lower stress, reduced anxiety and depression, and prevention or management of disease.

    Key Takeaway

    The benefits of walking and biking can more than make up for the stress that hefty fuel prices caused us. Instead of focusing on the downsides of not being able to use our cars, look on the bright side. You get to change your routine for one that is healthier and saves you money too.

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    Written by China Logarta · Updated May 14, 2022