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Gamot Sa Tonsillitis: Effective Treatments at Home

Medically reviewed by Elfred Landas, MD · General Practitioner · Maxicare Primary Care Center

Written by Jan Alwyn Batara · Updated Feb 15, 2021

Gamot Sa Tonsillitis: Effective Treatments at Home

When it comes to tonsillitis remedies, people have differing opinions. When you search “gamot sa tonsillitis’ online, you’ll find a lot of information about how to properly treat this condition. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of proven and effective tonsillitis remedies. These are all readily available at home, so you should not have any trouble finding them.

gamot sa tonsillitis

Gamot sa tonsillitis: How to treat it at home?

For the most part, tonsillitis can be readily treated at home. Most cases don’t require any serious medication, and the body can usually fight off the infection on its own. But to make recovery faster and to soothe any pain from tonsillitis, most people use various tonsillitis remedies.

These remedies have been proven to be effective in providing relief and boosting recovery. Best of all, these are all things that you can easily find at home, so you won’t have a hard time trying to find these remedies. Here are some common tonsillitis remedies:


Honey is not just a tasty treat, but it also is an effective remedy for tonsillitis.

One interesting thing about honey is that it has very potent antibacterial properties. This makes it a good home remedy for when you have tonsillitis or even a sore throat. In addition, honey also helps soothe your throat, and helps with the inflammation if you have tonsillitis.

To use it as a remedy, mix about two tablespoons of honey (make sure it’s real honey) into warm water, or ideally, some tea. This concoction should help your throat feel better, and make recovery from tonsillitis much easier.

Salt water

Salt water is one of the more popular tonsillitis remedies. Just like honey, it’s effective at killing bacteria, and it can also help soothe your throat. Another benefit of salt water is that it helps break down mucus, making it easier for you to breathe.

To use salt water, just mix half a teaspoon of salt into 1 cup of warm water, and gargle. This should help soothe any pain in your throat, and also helps kill off any bacteria that might be causing inflammation in your tonsils.

You can try doing this every morning, and repeat as needed.


Just like honey and salt water, lemons also have great antibacterial properties. And similar to salt water, lemons can help break down mucus that might be stuck in your throat.

If you want to use lemons for your tonsillitis, you can make a “weak’ lemonade by mixing a few teaspoons of lemon juice into warm water. This mixture is very soothing, and you can even mix in some honey if you want to boost the antibacterial properties and provide more relief.

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Lozenges are another common home remedy for tonsillitis. These can easily be found in most drug stores or convenience stores, and come in a variety of flavors.

Lozenges can help your tonsillitis by giving it a cooling action, which also helps reduce inflammation. Some also contain some herbs that can help soothe a sore throat.

Be sure to look for lozenges that have low sugar content, as too much sugar is not good for your health. Additionally, try to avoid giving lozenges to children younger than 4 years old, as young children might accidentally swallow them and cause choking.

It would be a good idea to have a pack of lozenges handy at home in case someone has tonsillitis. This is especially useful if you or your family members are prone to having tonsillitis.


Lastly, it’s important to take in lots of fluids. Whether it’s tea, hot soup, or even cold drinks, fluids can provide a lot of relief for someone with tonsillitis.

Taking in fluids can also help your body recover, especially if you’ve been having a fever in addition to your tonsillitis.

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Key Takeaways

May available ba na gamot sa tonsillitis? Yes! Tonsillitis is a common condition and can readily be treated at home with the home remedies listed above. However, if you think that your symptoms are getting worse, or there might be something wrong, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about it.

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Medically reviewed by

Elfred Landas, MD

General Practitioner · Maxicare Primary Care Center

Written by Jan Alwyn Batara · Updated Feb 15, 2021

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