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What Is the Best Hangover Cure for the Day After an Inuman?

Medically reviewed by Elfred Landas, MD · General Practitioner · Maxicare Primary Care Center

Written by Elaine Felicitas · Updated Jun 24, 2022

What Is the Best Hangover Cure for the Day After an Inuman?

Gatherings with family and friends can be exciting, especially if you have not seen them for a long time. At times, these celebrations may call for drinking alcohol. However, having too much can give you a terrible headache, or a hangover, the next day. In these cases, what is the best hangover cure?

Best Hangover Cure: What Happens When You Have A Hangover

The main driver of hangovers is alcohol and how your body responds to it. A hangover is a full-body experience, from the brain to your muscles. All of these are affected by alcohol.

The initial reaction of your body is to feel relaxed and happy. Alcohol is absorbed in the stomach into the bloodstream and moves to different parts of the body. You may feel lightheaded and your vision may become a little blurry. Some may experience engaging in louder conversations than usual.

You may then feel the need to urinate more because alcohol is a diuretic. Your movements become less coordinated and your response time slows down. Your face becomes flushed and your heart beats faster. Some people experience irritation in the stomach and end up vomiting.

Sleeping can also be a hassle as your head starts to spin. Your body may feel weak and your muscles may ache. When you wake up, you may feel a terrible headache after a night out.

The Best Hangover Cure Is Prevention

The body responds differently to different types of alcohol. Here are some of the basic hangover treatments and preventive measures which are applicable to most people.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Whether it’s before, during, or after drinking your favorite alcohol, it’s always a good thing to keep yourself hydrated. Alcohol can make you urinate frequently and you need to bring back the lost electrolytes. Drinking liquids in between drinking alcohol also keeps your stomach full and keeps you from drinking more. When you wake up the next day, it’s also a good idea to sip a bowl of warm soup if it’s too much to eat a heavy meal.

Choose Your Drinks Wisely

It’s not a good idea to mix different types of alcohol when drinking. Some alcohols have fewer effects on the body compared to others. Darker colored ones have a natural chemical called congeners which make hangovers worse. Knowing which alcohol to drink can prevent you from having hangovers the next day.

Never Drink on an Empty Stomach

One of the best hangover preventive measures is to make sure your stomach is not empty before drinking alcohol. This lessens the alcohol absorption. Eating carbohydrates or fats like a plate of pasta or a piece of steak is good for keeping your stomach in check.

Know When To Stop

Some people have more alcohol tolerance than the rest. Some might pressure you into drinking more because they might have a higher tolerance. Knowing how much you can drink keeps you away from an awful hangover the next day. It might be fun to drink a lot but at the end of the day, it’s your body that will suffer the next morning. It is also not a good idea to abuse your body as drinking too much can lead to different diseases in the future.

Key Takeaways

Alcohol can be fun when drunk in moderation. It is still a toxic substance and can cause serious diseases when abused. Keeping yourself hydrated, knowing your alcohol tolerance, and choosing the right amount and type of drinks are some of the things that you can do to avoid a hangover. Knowing the best hangover cures helps in preventing the dreaded next-day fatigue and headaches it can cause.

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Medically reviewed by

Elfred Landas, MD

General Practitioner · Maxicare Primary Care Center

Written by Elaine Felicitas · Updated Jun 24, 2022

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