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Is It Possible To Cure Diabetes Mellitus?

Is It Possible To Cure Diabetes Mellitus?

Is diabetes curable? Completely curing diabetes mellitus (DM) is a huge challenge in medicine. To date, we can only hope to manage its symptoms and reduce the risk of complications.

However, some experts believe that type 2 DM is a potentially reversible condition1, possibly with Western medicines and positive lifestyle modifications. Research has likewise found that some traditional herbs used in Oriental medicine can be of great help in treating diabetes.

Is Diabetes Curable?

At one glance, curing diabetes seems impossible. After all, if it’s curable, then why do so many people still have it? Still, there are some scientific truths to its cure. Let’s find out more about it here.

The Western Way of Curing Diabetes

Is diabetes curable? Scientists are still looking into new therapies, such as pancreas transplant, stem cell therapy and beta cell transplant.

Pancreas Transplant

People with type 1 diabetes may have pancreas transplant, especially late into their disease and if they have kidney problems.

Successfully transplanted pancreas will help the body restore the ability to control blood sugar. In the US, many people who underwent pancreas transplant no longer require insulin for treatment. This means they can be considered “cured.”

However, pancreas transplant is not a go to treatment option. For one, finding a match is challenging. Additionally, the patient needs to take steroid drugs their whole life on top of facing possible risks during the surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells transplanted into the body might develop into beta cells – the pancreatic cells that can produce insulin. Likewise, some reports say stem cell therapy may encourage the pancreas to produce insulin3. The results of the initial studies show that this therapy can significantly improve glucose metabolism and increase insulin sensitivity.

Islet Beta Cell Transplantation

Damage to or dysfunction of beta cells is considered the primary cause of diabetes.

Pancreatic islet beta cell transplant might help the body sense blood sugar levels better and trigger the right production of insulin to stabilize blood glucose. However, after the transplant, the patient must take many drugs to keep the transplanted cells from being rejected. Hence, only a few of the islet transplant patients can keep their blood sugar stable.


Beta and stem cell therapies, as well as pancreas transplant surgery still need further studies. But these are new advances in Western medicine that open up hope for diabetes treatment.

Is Diabetes Curable With Oriental Medicine?

Is diabetes curable with oriental medicine? Based on several studies, scientists discovered that Hoai Son, Mai Mon, and Goji berries might be a good choice to help stabilize blood sugar and prevent complications from diabetes.

Research shows that Hoai Son and Mai Mon herbs contain some biological active ingredients that help restore pancreatic function and reduce insulin resistance for people with type 2 diabetes.

In addition, Taiwanese scientists also found that the roots of the mondox root have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. These help prevent diabetic complications, especially diabetic kidney complications – one of the most dangerous and expensive complications to treat.

So, Is Diabetes Curable?

Both Western and Eastern medicine have made important advances in treating diabetes. But, to this day, the question on whether diabetes is curable or not remains unanswered.

Professor Thai Hong Quang – Chairman of the Vietnam Society of Endocrinology and Diabetes, said that at the present time, type 1 and type 2 diabetes cannot be completely cured, even early into diagnosis.

With type 1 diabetes, the islets, which produce insulin, are destroyed and cannot secrete insulin. So, the diabetes cure mostly lies on organ transplant. In type 2 diabetes, the metabolic disorder is at the cellular level; it’s not just a matter of having high blood sugar.

If the patient has prediabetes or only insulin resistance, then active treatment with proper diet, exercise, and perhaps medication, may help “reverse” the condition.

But, detected at a late stage, type 2 diabetes is very difficult to cure. At that time, the pancreas has been depleted, and insulin resistance along with metabolic disorders in the body will make it more difficult for patients to control blood sugar. On top of that, the risk of complications is already high due to blood glucose fluctuations.

Key Takeaways

Although there is no cure, people with diabetes can still control the disease and reduce the risk of developing complications with a healthy lifestyle combined with blood sugar-lowering medications and other supportive measures.

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