#StandStrong: The Women of Hello Doctor PH Share What They Stand For In Life

    #StandStrong: The Women of Hello Doctor PH Share What They Stand For In Life

    Standing up for your belief is one way to develop a strong sense of self, confidence, and independence. It also inspires and empowers other people. This International Women’s Month, the brave women of Hello Doctor PH share what they stand strong for in health, career, passion, and life.

    Kai Magsanoc, Country Lead

    Kai Magsanoc

    I #StandStrong for the voiceless stray animals who actually help keep our ecosystem (even in the city) balanced, but are shunned, misunderstood, and abused. Compassion is for all. How we treat them says a lot about our character.

    Ruby Fernandez-Madrid, Audience Development Manager

    I #StandStrong for all my fellow first-time moms who haven’t still figured it out yet but still continue to fight and live for the family every day.

    Bianchi Mendoza, Managing Editor

    I #StandStrong for my younger self, who was often too shy and afraid. I want to make her proud.

    Fidelis Tan, Branded, Content Editor

    I #StandStrong for the right to question old ways of thinking, and embrace new perspectives.

    Lorraine Bunag, Writer

    I #StandStrong for holistic health where people strive to be healthy not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

    Jessie Polistico, Account Manager

    I #StandStrong for all the women out of the spotlight who need to work twice as hard because of the standards in a man’s world.

    Lorna Austria, Translator

    stand strong

    Kailangan kong maging malakas para sa sarili ko, dahil hindi lang ako basta babae lang sa panahong ito.

    Jerra Mae Dacara, Translator

    I #StandStrong for my passion, dreams, and for the Filipino language.

    Louise Logarta, Writer

    stand strong

    I #StandStrong for every person – guy or girl – who dreams of a better, fuller life for their loved ones and themselves.

    What do you stand strong for in life? Don’t be afraid to let the world know about it, too! You might think that you’re alone, but your sisters are standing up with you!

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    Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. Updated Mar 31
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