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Daily Habits of Healthy and Happy Women, According to Experts

Medically reviewed by Mia Dacumos, MD · Nephrology · Makati Medical Center

Written by Hello Doctor Medical Panel · Updated Apr 27, 2023

Daily Habits of Healthy and Happy Women, According to Experts

As with most things that are worthwhile, the journey to self-improvement takes time. But what are the habits of healthy and happy women? And what do they share in common? In celebration of International Women’s Day, our trusted panel of doctors and experts share what they think is the key to nurturing your healthier, happier self — one day at a time.

Read on and be inspired.

Daily Habits of Healthy and Happy Women, According to Experts

Dr Jessica Jarabe, Internal Medicine

For physician and internal medicine specialist Jessica Jarabe, it’s important to get good quality sleep, to make self-care a priority, and to eat healthy meals, such as following the DASH Diet. The DASH diet is a regimen that promotes a lifelong healthy eating habits, particularly geared towards lowering high blood pressure without medication.

Steph Naval, Founder of Empath

For Steph Naval, whose organization Empath aims to make mental healthcare and education more accessible, some self-care habits that are easy and simple to do include hugging a family member, having playtime with your pet, and practicing mindful breathing.

Dr. Dineth Gutierrez Go, OB-Gynecologist

What does it mean to be a happy and healthy woman? For OB-Gynecologist Dineth Gutierrez, it means facing each day with a heart full of gratitude. It means making mindful food choices and drinking plenty of water. Lastly, it entails setting enough time for rest and self-care.

Dr. Grazielle Millo-Paderes, Pediatric Dentist

For Dr. Grazielle Paredes, a pediatric dentist, what helps her become healthier and happier are: “writing in a journal and making a list of things to do as well as praying and thanking the Lord even for small blessing. And if you are sad, I recommend doing something that will take your mind off of it, like grocery shopping!”

Dr. Rubilyn Saladana-Santiago Pediatrician

Lik Dr. Zamora, Rubilyn Saladana-Santiago, a pediatrician finds happiness in faith. She pray and thanks God for another day. Aside from this she eats healthy, making sure she always has a good portion of fruits and vegetables with each meal, even breakfast. Exercise at least 10 to 15 mins every other day because her hectic schedule won’t allow her to do this daily.

Dr. Nina Christina Lazaro-Zamora, Educator

“Smile always, drinks lots of water, and rest well.”These are the first three things that come to mind when Dr. Nina Zamora thinks about what makes a woman healthier and happier.

Dr. Regina Victoria Boyles, Pediatrician

For Dr. Boyles, women are generally known to always practice self-scare or look after their health and wellness. The upkeep of their wellbeing means that they value themselves and they are happy with their own body and so that’s why they put efforts to “maintain” it. But this should be done in moderation.

Another habit to cultivate that comes naturally to women is generosity. They easily express their gratitude, or thoughtfulness, and simple joy through giving. They are not only generous with material things but also with words and/or thoughts. And so continuing to do these things can make women even healthier and happier.

Janie-Vi Gorospe

The key to a healthier and happier self, according to Janie-Vi Gorospe, is to always get enough sleep, stay focused, and to always take time to learn new things.

Continuous growth and learning, after all, is the key to self-improvement and by nurturing this, we can boost our quality of life and deepen our level of contentment.

Liza Legaspino, Educator

For educator Liza Legaspino, what helps her is to read a motivational statement or bible verse to set the “mantra” of the day. This helps establish a “growth mindset” so even if she struggles with work, she’s able to start her day with a brighter outlook on life. Greeting people who make you feel good, through social media, can help boost your confidence and give you encouragement.

Lastly, making time for screen breaks can also help. “In my case, playing with my pets or making time for them allows me to de-stress,” she shares. “Pets are very therapeutic.” A screen break can also mean looking at things that make you happy. For her, it’s her collection of Funko pops that bring her joy. “You can also look at old photos…remember the good memories and so you can look forward to meeting them. At the end of the day, having a healthy and happy heart is important.”

Eauau Roco-De Leon, Yoga Instructor

Eauau Roco-De Leon, a Yoga practitioner and instructor, shares that the habits of healthy and happy women involve: “self-care time – whether it’s beautifying yourself at night or taking a long bath. This is something you ought to do every day. Sleep early, wake up early – it’s best to be in tune with your natural biorhythms. It also helps for good immunity. Laugh whenever you can, and have fun. Life’s too short to be too serious all the time.”

What do you think are the daily habits of healthy and happy women? Let us know in the comments!

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Medically reviewed by

Mia Dacumos, MD

Nephrology · Makati Medical Center

Written by Hello Doctor Medical Panel · Updated Apr 27, 2023

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