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Ano ang mga Sintomas ng Menopause? What to Watch Out For

Medically reviewed by Jobelle Ann Dela Cruz Bigalbal, MD · General Practitioner

Written by Jen Mallari · Updated Nov 07, 2021

    Ano ang mga Sintomas ng Menopause? What to Watch Out For

    What is menopause? Ano ang mga sintomas ng menopause?

    Menopause naturally occurs in women as they approach 45 years of age. Menopause is the time when a woman’s period comes to a halt. It is usually said to have occurred when a woman does not undergo her menstrual cycle in 12 months. The symptoms of menopause may cause discomfort in a woman, so it may help to know what to expect as one approaches this period. Ano ang mga sintomas ng menopause?

    Ano ang mga sintomas ng menopause? Symptoms to watch out for

    Below are some of the symptoms that women will feel as they approach menopause:

    Changes in period

    The changes that women will experience varies. For instance, the duration of their period may become longer or shorter. Bleeding might be excessive for some, and less for others. As a woman approaches her menopausal stage, her period will start to become irregular.

    These symptoms are perfectly normal. However, consult with a doctor if you experience the following:

    • Heavy bleeding
    • Spotting
    • The duration of periods last longer than usual
    • Period cycles are close to each other
    • Periods resume after not having one for a year

    Ano ang mga sintomas ng menopause? Pagbabago ng itsura

    A woman’s waistline may increase, there may be muscle gain or loss, and there is a possibility that the skin may become dry and thin. Hair also becomes thin. The fullness of the breasts may also start to diminish.


    A woman approaching menopause may experience pain, stiffness in their joints, headaches, and heart palpitations. Moreover, a woman may also start to have memory problems.

    Weight change

    Women may experience putting on weight because their metabolism has slowed down.

    Ano ang mga sintomas ng menopause? Vaginal health and bladder control

    There is a possibility that the vagina will get dryer, thinner, and inflamed.  This may pose problems in terms of sexual activities. Other vaginal issues that a woman may experience include vaginitis, vaginismus, and urinary tract conditions.

    Chills and hot flashes

    Kasama sa mga sintomas ng menopause ang mga chills at hot flashes.

    Hot flashes are also referred to as night sweats when it occurs during nighttime. A woman may experience hot flashes over a span of several years.

    Mood swings

    Women may start to have a change in their mood more frequently than ever. Mood swings are a common symptom of menopause, although the reason why is unknown. It is possible that mood swings are caused by stress during this time of life.

    Changes in sleep schedule

    The sleep schedule of women may start to change as well due to night sweats. This kind of discomfort will make them unable to sleep easily at night.

    Ano ang mga sintomas ng menopause? Treatment

    Here is a guide on what to do when one experiences the various symptoms of menopause:

    Mind and body practices

    Engage in mind and body practices. Some research has shown that women who partake in mind and body exercises experience less symptoms of menopause. These activities include acupuncture, reflexology, paced breathing, and relaxation techniques.

    These practices may alleviate the intensity and frequency of hot flashes, muscle and joint aches and stiffness, stress, sleep schedule, and mood swings.

    However, some mind and body practices are not medically supported. Consult with your doctor when considering new treatments or therapies.

    Natural products

    Women may turn to natural products that reportedly help in easing the numerous symptoms of menopause. These include:

    • Ginseng. Improves sleep, mood changes, and well-being. Alleviates discomfort of hot flashes and improves memory.
    • Phytoestrogens. These may have an effect in treating menopausal symptoms. However, this has yet to be scientifically proven.

    Always consult with your doctor when trying new products and therapies.

    Lifestyle changes

    Hot flashes can be treated by incorporating changes in one’s lifestyle. These include:

    • Quitting smoking
    • Dressing in layers
    • Avoiding foods like alcohol, spicy food, and caffeine
    • Maintaining a healthy weight

    Should I be worried?

    Menopause itself is nothing to be worried about since it is a normal occurrence in women when they reach their 40s and above.

    However, when a woman starts to feel extreme symptoms or unexpected symptoms of menopause, she should seek medical attention.

    Key takeaway

    Menopause is a natural occurrence in a woman’s life. Ano ang mga sintomas ng menopause? These include changes in appearance, irregular or stopped periods, chills and hot flashes, and mood swings. The various symptoms of menopause are essential for women to know about so that they can address it through different types of treatment.

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    Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

    Medically reviewed by

    Jobelle Ann Dela Cruz Bigalbal, MD

    General Practitioner

    Written by Jen Mallari · Updated Nov 07, 2021

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