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7 Beloved Female KPOP Stars Share Their Skincare Secrets

7 Beloved Female KPOP Stars Share Their Skincare Secrets

Black Pink, Twice, and Red Velvet. If you know at least one of these Korean girl groups, chances are you also know how they are admired for more than their songs and choreography: people likewise appreciate their soft, smooth skin. What tips can a KPOP star impart with us? Here, we look into the skin care secrets of 7 female KPOP celebrities.

Seohyun (Girl’s Generation)

Supple skin? Seohyun, the youngest member of Girls’ Generation, says her “secret” is she applies a thin layer of facial oil after washing her face.

Experts say facial oil helps lock in moisture while protecting the skin from environmental damage.

Bae Suzy (Miss A)

Who doesn’t want skin like Bae Suzy’s, the singer-actress who played lead roles in popular dramas like While You Were Sleeping and Start-Up?

Turns out this KPOP star performs delicate and meticulous cleansing, known as the 4-2-4 cleansing method.

The 4-2-4 cleansing means you spend 4 minutes massaging your face with cleansing oil, 2 minutes washing it with a foam cleanser, and another 4 minutes of rinsing: 2 minutes with lukewarm water and 2 minutes with cold water.

This type of cleansing may seem like an overkill, but it totally makes sense! After all, cleansing doesn’t just remove dirt and excess oil, it also allows the skin to better absorb other skincare products.

Song Ji-Eun (Secret)

Song Ji-Eun’s skincare secret is one anyone can – and absolutely should – do! This KPOP star says she makes proper hydration a top priority. Believe it or not but Ji-Eun makes it a point to drink at least 3 liters of water everyday!

Jennie (Black Pink)

Did you know that Black Pink’s main singer and rapper, Jennie, used to apply two face masks daily? Now, though, this KPOP star has reduced it to one, and instead focuses more on her health and diet.

Like Song Ji-Eun, she makes sure she drinks lots of water daily. She also drinks detox juice in the morning.

Source: Instagram

Momo (Twice)

Just when other celebrities swear by a holy grail routine for their skincare, Twice’s Momo declares that her routine is different every day. Generally, it depends on her schedule.

This KPOP star says she starts with cleansing, but makes sure she doesn’t wash her face for too long! In fact, she has a timer to know exactly how long she cleanses a specific part of her face. After cleansing, she uses a toner pad and a lotion.

If she has extra time, she’ll also use a facial mask to ensure hydration throughout the night.

KPOP star
Source: Instagram

Wendy (Red Velvet)

Red Velvet’s Wendy attributes her clear, smooth complexion to three ingredients: niacinamide for a poreless look, hyaluronic acid to ensure superb hydration, and Gluta-boost C, which brightens the skin and improves skin pigmentation.

Like the KPOP star, you can also use these ingredients. Come to think of it, some products contain all three! Of course, don’t forget to check in with your dermatologist to determine if the product suits you.

Source: Instagram

Lisa (Black Pink)

Who would think that Lisa of Black Pink suffers from dry skin? For this reason, the KPOP star “piles on” cream moisturizer on her face at night, so her skin can absorb it as she sleeps.

Lisa is also fond of facial massage after applying the moisturizer, so the product can better penetrate the skin. She even brings a facial massager wherever she goes!

Source: Instagram

Just A Little Reminder

As much as you want to steal these idols’ skincare secrets, don’t forget that each person is different. What works for them may not be that effective for you. Hence, if you want to have a better skincare routine, it’s best to set an appointment with a dermatologist. Not only can they assess your skin type and issues, but they can also recommend products that’ll boost your skin health. Of course, don’t forget to do a patch test each time you introduce a new product to your care.

Learn more about Skin Health here.

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