Week 6 of Pregnancy: All You Need to Know

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Baby Development

Another week has gone by and you have reached week 6 of pregnancy baby development. Are you excited to know what is happening to your body and your baby? Read this guide to find out how your baby is doing, and what you should expect at this stage of your pregnancy.

How is my baby growing?

From an orange seed, your baby has now progressed to the size of a pomegranate seed, measuring approximately 0.08 to 0.2 inches small. This is also the time where you can finally detect (and listen to) your baby’s heartbeat, which is at least 105 bpm (beats per minute). Some say that the faster the heartbeat, the more inclined your baby will be a girl.

One of the most notable milestones this time is that your baby’s neural tube is in its final stages of forming its spinal cord. Bumps also begin to form, which is to eventually become your baby’s eyes, ears, arms, and legs.

Body & Life Changes

How is my body changing?

Since you are already in week 6 of pregnancy, most of the symptoms you are feeling now are at their peak. Most symptoms die down by the end of the first trimester and normalize around the 4th month of pregnancy.

Your breasts may be feeling a bit more tender and sensitive, due to the blood flow increase. Your body is now preparing you for breastfeeding, something to look forward to once your baby comes out. If you are also experiencing some bouts of morning (or all-day) sickness, keep yourself hydrated. It may be a little inconvenient, but small frequent meals and eating light snacks like salt-free crackers can help alleviate nausea.

You may also start noticing some food cravings and food aversions at this time. This may be an effect of the hormones that your body is producing at this time. Make sure that you communicate this with your partner/your family, so you can eat proper meals and keep yourself healthy.

What should I be concerned about?

Some of the more common symptoms you will experience in week 6 of pregnancy baby development are:

Exhaustion or lethargy. As progesterone continues to increase, the more tired you will feel each day. Pregnancy fatigue is completely normal. If you are working odd hours for your job, this may be the best time to ask your employer if you can shift your hours to get as much rest as possible. Ensure that you are taking iron supplements or foods rich in iron such as legumes, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, potatoes, and eggs. Folic acid and iron are highly important at this stage of your pregnancy, as they are responsible for the creation of red blood cells for you and your baby.

Spotting. If you do not experience any light bleeding prior to this week, then expect it to happen this week. Do not be alarmed if you find a few spots on your liner, as this is completely normal and is referred to as “implantation bleeding.” If spotting lasts for more than 2 days, coupled with severe cramping, consult your doctor immediately.

Frequent urination. Because your kidneys are processing more excess fluids on week 6 of pregnancy baby development, expect to have more frequent trips to the bathroom as well.

No symptoms. There may be a few lucky mothers who continue to feel “normal” and have no symptoms whatsoever. Not all pregnancies are alike, and others begin to experience symptoms during their second trimester.

Your Doctor Visits

What should I tell my doctor?

If you are trying to stay as fit as possible, ask your doctor what exercises are considered safe. You may also need to take into consideration any family history or if you have had a miscarriage in the past. Since it is in week 6 of pregnancy baby development that your hormones begin to get a bit more challenging, you can also ask your doctor how you and your partner can stay intimate and if there are any safety measures you should consider when having sexual relations. 

As you move closer to the first half of your pregnancy, on week 6 of pregnancy baby development, you can start exploring and discussing options about delivery and preparation for birth: natural birthday, water births, home births, use of epidural during delivery, etc. Consult your doctor about options that are possible for your pregnancy. 

Health & Safety

Do not be alarmed with the changes that your body is going through such as your nipples changing into a darker shade, or your breasts starting to feel tender and swollen. Take this as a good sign that your body is getting ready for what is to come!

On week 6 of pregnancy baby development, it is time to look at your closet and prepare some clothes that you can use as your belly starts to grow. Jeans may not be the best option unless the material is quite stretchy and can accommodate a growing belly (among others). 

This is the stage wherein you will be spending more on supplements, vitamins, and clothes. Make a list of essentials and you can slowly start acquiring these in preparation for your bundle of joy. 

If you are currently employed, you may want to talk to your boss or HR to ask the following:

  • Do they have contingency plans in place once you go on maternity leave?
  • What is your health plan coverage?
  • Is any support available should you, in any event, need to take a leave from work – for bed rest, doctor’s appointments, tests, and etc. 

As your baby steadily grows, so do you. Expect some of the symptoms such as morning sickness to the peak. As uncomfortable as this stage may be, week 6 of pregnancy baby development is also an exciting time for expectant mothers as this is the stage where you will hear the first heartbeats of your baby. 

Hello Health Group does not offer any advice, diagnosis or medical treatment.

Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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