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Ben&Ben Concert Canceled Due to COVID-19 Surge

Medically reviewed by Regina Victoria Boyles, MD · Pediatrics

Written by Jason Inocencio · Updated Mar 25, 2023

    Ben&Ben Concert Canceled Due to COVID-19 Surge

    Popular Filipino band Ben&Ben canceled a scheduled performance in Dubai. They posted a statement on Instagram on January 25, 2022 that they are doing so “due to COVID cases within the band and our team.” The band was scheduled to perform at Expo Dubai on January 27, 2022. With the Ben&Ben concert canceled, it marked one of several concerts and large events that have been affected by the global pandemic. Travel abroad remained restricted then, while concert venues have remained basically closed at that time, due to health protocols.

    Ben&Ben Concert Canceled

    Ben&Ben are led by twin brothers Paolo Benjamin Guico and Miguel Benjamin Guico. They first gained fame as The Benjamins and wrote the song “Tinatangi” which won second runner-up at the 2016 PhilPop Music Festival. Renaming themselves Ben&Ben, they released their debut album Limasawa Street in May 2019 and sophomore album Pebble House Vol. 1 Kuwaderno in August of 2021.

    “We understand how this will come as a disappointment to many of you who were looking forward to meeting us there,” Ben&Ben said about the cancellation. “But we as a band decided it to be the best decision in the interest of everyone’s health to postpone the performance.”

    “We will make our absolute best effort to nurse ourselves back to the best condition possible to provide you with the quality of performance we have been so excited to share with you,” they added.

    Risks of Concerts and Large Events

    The cancellation of Ben&Ben’s performance highlighted the continued concerns over reopening venues and large events for audiences during early 2022. It was just one among many canceled events then.

    The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Governors’ Cup just allowed a limited number of fans to watch live in playing venues in December 2021. The two PBA tournaments then were held in “bubble” formats in Ilocos Norte and Pampanga.

    The spike in COVID-19 cases in January 2022 that opened the new year also forced the league to place the ongoing Governors’ Cup on hold. “The Philippine Basketball Association has postponed all scheduled games this week until it hears from the Games and Amusements Board (GAB) allowing the league to continue its tournament,” the league said way back.

    Most concerts and theater performances have been done virtually since the pandemic began in March 2020. ABS-CBN’s YouTube channel and Facebook page streamed the musical “Ang Huling El Bimbo” in May 2020. It streamed through TFC Online last 2021. Due to the continuing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, even benefit concerts to assist victims of Typhoon Odette were held virtually.

    Performers and athletes may want to perform live, but they too are prone to the virus. Performing their chosen profession means being without masks for the duration of the concert or game. For their part, Ben&Ben will have announced a new concert date. The band had performed in their first major online concert on December 5, 2021. They were coming off a holiday break prior to the scheduled performance in 2022.

    Prevention Tips Against COVID

    To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, health protocols have been continuously enforced worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO)) has urged the following measures against COVID-19:

  •         Get vaccinated (and boosted) as soon as it’s your turn.
  •         Keep a distance of at least 1 meter from others.
  •         Open windows when possible.
  •         Wear a mask.
  •         Clean hands.
  •         Cover coughs and sneezes.
  •         Stay home when sick. 
  • The WHO also cautioned against going to crowded places as COVID-19 spreads easily in that environment. They warn against going to close-contact settings, especially where people have close-range conversations. Finally, the public should avoid confined and enclosed spaces with poor ventilation. The risk is higher in places where these three overlap.

    Key Takeaways

    With the Ben&Ben concert canceled, this was one example of an event affected by the global pandemic. Due to the spike in COVID-19 cases in early 2022, concerts, musical performances, and sporting events in arenas were not allowed then in the Philippines. The World Health Organization consistently encourages the public to continue follow health measures to guard against further spread of the coronavirus.
    As positive cases continue to go down, concerts and sporting events will likely be readily allowed in large and larger venues.

    For more on Coronavirus, click here.


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    Medically reviewed by

    Regina Victoria Boyles, MD


    Written by Jason Inocencio · Updated Mar 25, 2023

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