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Luyang Dilaw: All You Need To Know

Medically reviewed by Stephanie Nera, RPh, PharmD · Pharmacology

Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated Mar 14, 2023

Luyang Dilaw: All You Need To Know

Turmeric, better known to us as luyang dilaw, is a common food item in the Filipino pantry. Not only is it often used as an ingredient in our favorite dishes, but it is also made into tea because of its various medicinal benefits.

A close relative of ginger, luyang dilaw is a very abundant herb in our country.


What Is Luyang Dilaw Used For?

The health benefits of drinking luyang dilaw are scientifically proven. Curcumin, the active ingredient in luyang dilaw, is found to be effective in many ways as it is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Keeping this in mind, the following are some of the best health benefits of drinking luyang dilaw:

Luyang Dilaw Helps Ease Arthritic Pain and Other Body Pain

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is often used to help relieve pain.

It Boosts the Immune System

One study about turmeric stated that it is capable of “modulating the activation” of T-cells, B-cells, and white blood cells – all of which play important roles in the body’s defenses against bacteria and viruses

This makes it good herbal medicine for when you are suffering from simple infections that cause sore throat, cough, and the common cold.

It Is Good at Promoting General Health

Because it has a high level of antioxidants, regular consumption of turmeric will help maintain good health. 

It Can Be Used to Prevent Travel Sickness

One of the less known benefits of drinking turmeric is that it is antiemetic. Antiemetic agents prevent nausea and vomiting. For this reason, drinking turmeric tea or other preparations of it half an hour before your trip will prevent travel sickness.

It Can Help Make Your Heart Healthier

Although more studies are needed, there is a good chance that drinking luyang dilaw can lower your bad cholesterol level. Luyang dilaw is shown to have heart-protective properties that might prevent heart attacks.

How Does It Work?

Luyang dilaw is known as a potent antioxidant and offers numerous pain-relieving benefits, making it one of the most versatile herbal plants in the country.

Precautions & Warnings

You can reap the health benefits of drinking luyang dilaw without worrying about adverse effects, but to be on the safe side, keep the following reminders in mind:

What Should I Know Before Drinking Luyang Dilaw?

Since turmeric is edible, often added as an ingredient or spice to various dishes, it is generally safe as long as you consume it in moderation. Since luyang dilaw can be applied topically, it is advisable to perform a patch test.

How Safe Is Luyang Dilaw?

Turmeric is safe to consume barring pre-existing health conditions that you may have. In that case, you must first talk to your physician about taking it as medicine. The same is applicable if you are taking other medications or are under a special diet.

Special Precautions and Warnings 

While safe when taken in small amounts as an ingredient or spice to dishes, it is not advisable to take luyang dilaw if you are an expectant mother, because it can initiate menstruation, adding considerable risk to the pregnancy. 

Side Effects

What Kind of Side Effects May Occur?

Though generally safe to consume as part of dishes, when taken for medication, consult your doctor.


What Interactions Might Happen with Luyang Dilaw?

Despite the many benefits of turmeric, be careful when you are taking anticoagulants or drugs that slow down blood clotting because turmeric may have drug interactions with these. Consult your doctor. 


What Is the Usual Dose for Luyang Dilaw?

As always, remember that the preparations and dosages given below are meant to help and educate you on the health benefits of drinking luyang dilaw. It should not replace or take priority over the advice of your physician.

Acne. Because of its antibacterial properties that can improve pimples and acne, turmeric powder can be made into a facial mask by mixing it with apple cider vinegar, honey, and milk.

Pain relief. To relieve pain, you can pound the root and apply it directly over the affected area. To encourage ease in application, you can also mix the pounded turmeric in oil. 

Tooth ache and sore throat. While often not a popular option, you can remove the skin of the turmeric and chop it into smaller pieces and eat it as is. This is especially helpful if you have a toothache or sore throat.

General health. It comes in commercially prepared powder with independent instructions. Typically, to make tea, you need to boil 3 to 4 cups of water and mix in 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder. Let it simmer for up to 10 minutes. Strain and enjoy with honey or lemon.

To enjoy turmeric as fresh tea, you can chop or slice the root and boil it. The more concentrated, the better.

What Form Does Luyang Dilaw Come In?

If you want to obtain the health benefits of drinking turmeric, all you have to do is go to the market. Our local markets never run out of turmeric roots.

Buy some and prepare the tea at home to enjoy with your family, especially in cold weather.

For a more convenient way to drink turmeric, you can also purchase the powder form that comes in various brands. People with arthritis or those who want to avoid using analgesics will surely benefit from this herb.

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Medically reviewed by

Stephanie Nera, RPh, PharmD


Written by Lorraine Bunag, R.N. · Updated Mar 14, 2023

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