Kidney Cleanse Benefits: Should You Go On a Kidney Cleanse?

    Kidney Cleanse Benefits: Should You Go On a Kidney Cleanse?

    Kidney cleanses are becoming more and more popular among health conscious folks. A lot of people claim that going on a kidney cleanse benefits their health greatly, and even recommends doing it on a regular basis.

    But what exactly is a kidney cleanse? Is it safe to do, and what do doctors have to say about it?

    What is a Kidney Cleanse?

    These days, different types of “detox diets” and “cleanses” are popular. These reportedly help cleanse toxins that we get from the food that we eat, and even the environment. One of the more popular types of cleanses is known as the kidney cleanse.

    A kidney cleanse, also known as a kidney detox, is a reportedly effective way of keeping your kidney clean. By limiting your diet to only certain types of foods, and drinking special juices, the kidney cleanse flushes out unwanted toxins out of your kidney.

    Proponents say that going on a kidney cleanse benefits not only the kidneys, but a person’s overall health as well. But what benefits are they talking about?

    What Are the Different Kidney Cleanse Benefits?

    People who undergo a kidney cleanse say that it improves their health, and also makes them feel better and healthier.

    One of the reported benefits is that going on a kidney cleanse neutralizes the toxins that build up in the kidneys. By drinking different types of juices and eating various fruits and vegetables, you can allegedly clean your kidneys.

    Proponents claim that going on a kidney cleanse benefits your health since it reduces the risk of getting kidney disease. They say that the reason we get sick is because of toxins, and going on a cleanse helps the body get rid of these toxins1.

    Some even say that people who already have kidney disease can cure their illness by going on a cleanse.

    But is there any truth to these claims?

    What Do Doctors Have to Say?

    The reality is that going on a detox or a cleanse isn’t really necessary2. One important thing to remember about the human body is that it can get rid of toxins and cleanse itself naturally.

    For example, the liver is able to filter out harmful metals such as lead or mercury and eliminate it from the body. It can also help neutralize toxins and deal with harmful chemicals.

    The kidney also does a good job filtering waste substances, and expelling them from the body in the form of urine. Even our intestines and immune system have their own ways to deal with toxins and other harmful substances so that we don’t get sick.

    It’s really amazing how well the body can filter out harmful substances. You’ll be surprised at how effective our organs can be, even without the help of cleanses or detox methods. Though, our organs do have a limit as to what they can filter out. This means that if you keep putting toxins inside your body, then it will have a hard time dealing with those harmful substances.

    Which is why it’s important to know what you can do to support your body’s natural cleansing ability.

    Here’s What to Do Instead

    Instead of going on a cleanse or a detox, here are some things that you can do3:

    • Eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables4. These can help keep your kidney healthy and maintain its ability to filter out toxins from the body.
    • Avoid eating junk foods, sugary foods, fatty foods, and processed foods.
    • Always keep yourself hydrated.
    • Exercise regularly. This helps keep your body strong, and also regulates body functions.
    • Avoid unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

    By following these tips, you can ensure that your body remains strong and healthy, and free from toxins.

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    Written by Jan Alwyn Batara · Updated Apr 21, 2022