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Halamang Gamot Sa Bukol Sa Suso: Do They Actually Work?

Halamang Gamot Sa Bukol Sa Suso: Do They Actually Work?

Some people use herbal medicines to address breast lumps, or bukol sa suso. But does halamang gamot sa bukol sa suso really work?

Throughout the world herbal treatments and medicine have been used to ease multiple health ailments including diseases, high blood pressure, and even cancer. Herbal medicine is one of the most widely used alternative treatments by people experiencing different sicknesses, alongside conventional treatments.

Continue reading to learn more about the reasons why people use herbal medicines, the possible risks, and the importance of seeking professional medical attention.

Halamang Gamot sa Bukol sa Suso: Herbal Medicine Are Not Safe As We Think

Many kinds of halamang gamot sa bukol sa suso have been reported to be beneficial, but are they really able to alleviate the condition of breast lumps safely?

Unfortunately, most, if not, all herbal medicine goes unmonitored. They are not officially proven safe for consumption. Herbal medicines do not go through serious testing unlike modern drugs, making it risky for consumption. Before taking herbal treatment, it is important for you to talk and consult your doctor. Using alternatives to cure breast lumps instead of taking the necessary treatment needed may worsen your condition.

Halamang Gamot sa Bukol sa Suso: Herbal Medicine May Cause Harmful Side Effects

Halamang gamot sa bukol sa suso mostly include typical plants that are common in most households. These may include:

  • Turmeric
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Carrots
  • Citrus fruits like calamansi and dalaghita

Many of these have been confirmed to be good for the body, but you may risk experiencing unwanted adverse effects.

One of the main reasons why many continue using herbal treatments is because of the belief that they are natural and therefore have lesser side effects compared to drugs prescribed by a professional.

However, researchers have found that herbal medicines may have side effects. An overdose of herbs taken simultaneously with other drugs may cause undesired effects. This may be because people usually do not consider that there may be interactions between the herbal medicines and regular medicines.

Halamang Gamot sa Bukol sa Suso: Herbal Medicine Do Not Guarantee Recovery

Many of the claims of herbal medicine seen online are misleading and idealized. Herbal medicines cannot cure major ailments such as cancer, heart disease, or in our case, breast lumps. Given these situations, it is always important to consult with a doctor.

Halamang gamot sa bukol sa suso are only able to improve, or supplement treatment for condition, not combat it on its own. Patients may misattribute the improvement to the herbal treatment.

The more time spent on unsure treatments, the more chances you have of worsening the condition of your breast lumps.

Should We Use Herbal Medicines?

With all that being said, are herb treatments really that bad? The answer is no.

While it is not bad to take herbal alternatives, it is advisable to use them before and after consulting with your doctor. People have used herbal medicine for centuries to treat many different health conditions. They believe that it is a natural way to help relax and cope with anxiety. People might also use herbal medicine to help themselves to feel better or more in control of their situation.

Herbal medicine can be used to treat and alleviate some conditions since they are able to calm people down. It may aid with conditions like the following:

  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Bowel syndrome
  • Menstrual problems
  • Eczema

It is important to note that it can only alleviate minor conditions. It cannot be used as a long-term, alternative to modern day medicine.

Consult a Doctor

Although herbal medicine is used mostly for treating mild to moderate illnesses, an expert’s opinion on the matter is still necessary. A trip to your healthcare provider regarding its cause may be needed in order to determine whether your condition, or in this case breast lumps, need to be treated or not.

Key Takeaway

Herbal medicine is used to reduce certain conditions but cannot be used to fully cure conditions like cancer, heart diseases, and conditions such as bukol sa suso. These treatments can have potential side effects, risks, and may not even work against your sickness. While halamang gamot sa bukol sa suso are cost-effective and accessible, consulting with a doctor is still important in order to know more about what drug will be suitable to address your condition as well as knowing if any further treatment is needed.

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Written by Angeli Rosario Updated Jun 24
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