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How is Work-Life Harmony Possible?

Medically reviewed by Mia Dacumos, MD · Nephrology · Makati Medical Center

Written by Kai Magsanoc · Updated Apr 29, 2023

How is Work-Life Harmony Possible?

We’re taking work-life balance a notch higher with the concept that they can actually work with one another. These twelve female leaders at Hello Health Group show us how it’s done and how they exemplify our number one value — Health Above All.

Hien Lane, SVP of Regional Partnerships

work-life harmony

I have 3 things that make me very balanced even when I can work like a crazy lady:

  1. A very, very supportive partner. He is hands-on, does not trivalize my work. He sees me as an equal and celebrates my success.
  2. I am an extrovert. Socializing is important to me. I want to be plugged into my friends and family’s life. I give to them and feel good about it, so I will still cook for dinner parties on the weekend.
  3. Looking at my children and knowing they have good values. They appreciate hard work and then mum is busy. But they are good kids.

A sense of achievement fuels my happiness, but achievement is a “balance” game — happy mum, happy partner, happy worker. This keeps me in a healthy mental state even if I am working 12 hours a day. There is PURPOSE!

Wati Mohd Taib, VP of Regional Partnerships

work-life harmony

I don’t have a strict rule to follow but I practice “work-life integration.” It is all about maximising and planning my time so that I get to fulfil my work commitment and at the same time, have my “me” time. Self-care is important.

For e.g. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are my Get Fit weekday evenings – very precious “me” time. I try my best to stick to schedule so meetings after 6pm will be declined unless absolutely necessary. 

To take a quick break from thinking about work, I allow myself to watch one episode of my favourite sitcom while eating lunch. I am watching “Schitt’s Creek.” So, my lunchtime is determined by the duration of the sitcom which is between 20 to 25 minutes. 

It is all about planning and setting boundaries. To be honest, I am still learning and adjusting. The key is to be kind to myself.

Pratyusha Dasgupta, AVP of Regional Partnerships

work-life harmony

I spend quality time with my family — especially, the kids — in the morning, evenings, and weekends. When I’m with them, I put my phone away, so I’m 100% with them. This way, I’ve managed to create some boundaries, and don’t let work creep into personal life.

Tinh Nguyen, Regional HR Operations Manager

work-life harmony

I manage my time well by spending more time with someone that I like, and less time with someone (or something) that I don’t like. I enjoy my break time or vacation time. I spend more time with my family. I manage my work, prioritize my health, and go for a more active social life.

Ruby Fernandez-Madrid, Audience Development Manager

work-life harmony

I don’t force harmony on a daily basis. Some days will definitely be imbalanced; the left will inevitably compromise for the right and vice versa. I simply embrace these realities. 

Rather than stressing myself more about the fact that I cannot always balance both, I just go with the flow and at the end of the day just ensure at least 2 things (1 work and 1 life — don’t mind how big or small it is) that I promised to accomplish really gets done. 

Truc Huynh Kim, Growth Analytics Lead

work-life harmony

I think people will need to feel “healthy” inside first before doing anything else.

So what I do everyday is:

  • Exercise (jog) every day to help my body feel refreshed 
  • Take everything easy. I don’t take work too seriously. Problems can be solved. We need to give our minds a break.
  • I am vegetarian — no drinking of alcohol, no smoking

I would love to learn new things from people by listening to them and copying their good behavior, especially their sense of humor.

Ayu Idris, Regional Content Strategist

work-life harmony

My health is my priority, and I make time for myself. 

For me, a typical day begins with one hour of uninterrupted “me time” to read, exercise, followed by a bit of meditation and gratitude journaling. I draw firm boundaries throughout the day by not taking any unnecessary meetings or overestimating my time to complete any project. No mindless scrolling during work hours, and I practice the Pomodoro technique to stay focused during my peak time. 

I work smarter, not harder. With proper planning, I only need to work for 5 hours, with 1 hour of nap and 8 hours of sleep to recharge. By making my relationships a priority, my productivity and effectiveness on the job increased, and I don’t work overtime. 

Dr. Via Roderos, Medical Editor, Hello Doctor (Philippines)

work-life harmony

I always take time to give myself a treat everyday, even if only for 15 to 30 minutes; whether it’s cooking or reading my favorite book or watching my favorite show. 

It reminds me to focus on things we can be thankful for amidst the craziness of work and life in general.

Tanya Phathanathong, Country Lead, Hello Khunmor (Thailand)

work-life harmony

For me, work and life go hand in hand. I am fortunate in the sense that I get to do what I love, but that can lead to a slippery slope at times. The key for me is to set healthy limits and boundaries.

Phuong Le Thanh, Editor-in-Chief, Hello Bacsi (Vietnam)

work-life harmony

In my early 20s, I had an interview with a famous CEO of a top PR agency in Vietnam.

I asked him, “How do you maintain work-life balance?”

He asked me if I liked ice cream, then took me to the pantry and got us two popsicles, one for me and one for him. Then he said, “I am in my office at 8pm, having ice cream and a good conversation with a new friend. That’s work-life balance for me.”

Until now, I always choose what that balance looks like, and find creative ways to practice it.

It means I am committed to listening to my needs and knowing my own limits, which will vary at different stages and different times. It means that I am constantly motivated to plan ahead, to prioritize, to set boundaries, and to say “No” when needed, so I can spend my limited time and energy on things that matter most to me.

Karen Lin, Managing Editor, Hello Yishi (Taiwan)

work-life harmony

How I practice work-life harmony is by taking a break and going outdoors. I remind myself there’s so much more to explore from this world other than work, even with just 10 mins under the sunlight. 

I try to slow down for a second and clear my mind, feel the breeze, feel the flow of the wind. It helps me feel fulfilled, especially in the company of friends and loved ones.

Thao Do, Regional HR Assistant

work-life harmony

To me, work-life harmony is the state of feeling good about the way I integrate work into my personal life. 

It’s important to manage time, have a routine, enjoy the little things in my life, and focus on my mental and physical health.


Hello Health Group does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Medically reviewed by

Mia Dacumos, MD

Nephrology · Makati Medical Center

Written by Kai Magsanoc · Updated Apr 29, 2023

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