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Remember to Teach Your Children These Important Table Manners

Medically reviewed by Jezreel Esguerra, MD · General Practitioner

Written by Edamama · Updated Jan 24, 2023

Remember to Teach Your Children These Important Table Manners

Mealtimes can be a challenge when kids are present. It’s a struggle to get them to settle down, sit still, finish their food, and observe proper table manners. Imagine these small human beings up, down, and all around the dining table when you are eating at restaurants or friends’ houses.

Avoid this from happening by teaching your little ones the proper way to behave when dining. Table manners are necessary life skills that can help them in the future and give them the confidence to socialize with other people.

Teaching Table Manners

Enjoy stress-free dining when you equip your kids with these important table manners:

Washing hands before eating

Ensuring that one’s hands are clean and free from germs has been highlighted all the more during this pandemic. A simple act of washing hands shows that someone values cleanliness and proper hygiene. Remind your kids to wash their hands before mealtimes by always having a hand soap ready and easily accessible.

Using napkins properly

Teach your child proper placement of  napkins on their lap and how to use one when wiping their mouth. Some kids forget this so they use their clothes to wipe something off. Get them a cute napkin that they will like using. What about Iflin Baby’s My Handy Washcloth & Napkin that comes with adorable designs? It can also be used as a washcloth or even a handkerchief.

Eating without making a noise

We’ve all heard it when we were younger. “Don’t talk when your mouth is full.” Now, it’s your turn to teach your little one to finish chewing and swallowing their food first before saying something. And that they should chew quietly and avoid making unnecessary and rude noises while eating.

Saying “Please” and “Thank you”

Kids usually ask for a second serving, and they ask someone to pass something to them. Teach them to say “Please” when asking for a request and saying words of gratitude after the favor is done.

Avoiding making rude remarks about the food

Don’t like the taste of the food served on the table? Teach them not to say anything. This is an important reminder for your child that no matter how much they dislike the food, on any occasion, they should never say anything bad about it, especially in front of the hosts. Instead, be grateful and don’t forget to thank whoever invited them.

Knowing the proper way to use cutlery

Teach your child how to properly hold and use their spoon and fork when eating. When it’s safe enough for your child to hold a knife, teach them how to safely use it too. Let them practice with their own set of cutlery that’s comfortable enough for them.

Check out Twistshake Learn Cutlery Stainless Steel Set with its anti-slip properties and a smart edge on the handle, making it a perfect tool for kids who are still learning how to hold or use cutleries.

Not using gadgets or not tinkering with toys during mealtime

If your child is old enough to own a phone or any gadget, teach them not to bring it to the dining table. They could get distracted and wouldn’t be able to focus on enjoying their food or taking part in conversations. For little kids, set toys aside first during mealtime. Remind your little one that their attention should be on the food and the people they’re with during mealtime.

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Medically reviewed by

Jezreel Esguerra, MD

General Practitioner

Written by Edamama · Updated Jan 24, 2023

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